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How would you feel to play a video game without any form of music in it?


Dissatisfied – would be a mild way of describing it, right.
Music just happens to give life to video games in ways that simply can’t be described with words.

I just can’t imagine scaling new levels without a distinct music score to celebrate, build my anticipation and usher me into an epic experience.
Winning laurels ‘along the way’ would lose its value if the sounds were reduced to mere bloops and beeps as it used to be 20 years ago.

The goal of this website is to provide information about guitar, video game music and other information in my blogIn addition to the blog, you can find the guitar tab list from all my covers and information of all my latest releases.  I hope I can share the same nostalgia I feel with this music with you.

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Video Game Guitar

Do you want to play a great fairy fountain on your guitar? Get guidance to play Great Fairy Fountain song tabs and chords from here and play Great Fairy Fountain on your guitar.

You may be already playing the guitar a bit or are thinking of playing it. You may also be wondering if the guitar is worth spending so much time learning and if there are other more popular instruments?

Video game music in particular is a highly popular genre to improve focus. Video game music simultaneously stimulates your senses and blends into the background of your brain. 

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