10 Reasons Why Guitars Are So Popular

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The guitar is among the most popular and widely used instruments and is one of the first obvious choices for many who wish to learn musical instruments. If you are curious to know why the guitar is so popular in music instruments, keep reading there 10 reasons!

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How To Play Guitar 101
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Guitars Are Affordable

Most guitar companies offer this instrument at a very budget-friendly price. Some companies even provide starter packs with everything you need to start, including playing picks, a strap, extra strings, and learning materials.

You can get a good guitar with a budget of $200, but you can get beginner guitars that cost less than $100. Although it may seem relatively expensive, it is relatively cheaper than other instruments like the piano and saxophone. Moreover, guitars are also widely available in used condition for reduced prices.

Guitars Are Versatile Instruments

The guitar can be both a rhythm instrument and a lead instrument. Although guitar players specialize in one or the other, most are skilled at rhythm and lead.

This musical instrument is used in almost every music genre. From jazz musicians to the country guitarist or heavy metal shredders, all can play the same guitar model. Therefore, guitar players can take on different styles of music.

Finally, there is an array of effects for both electric and acoustic instruments, making guitars capable of a wide range of sounds. This is a very versatile and expressive instrument.

Famous Music like Rock is based On the Guitar.

Rock n’ Roll became popular with the electric guitar, and the two are inseparable. Rock is extremely popular in its various forms. Country music is just a repackaged rock with a twang. Different forms of blues, and even some jazz, are different takes on rock music. These genres improve the popularity of the guitar because people hear the instrument while listening to their favorite bands.

Guitars Are Perfect for Songwriting

Guitars are the most useful tools for aspiring songwriters. With the knowledge of a few chords, you can write a song on the guitar. Moreover, the guitar will be very helpful if you combine a basic melody. Even vocalists who don’t play guitar in their bands can get better their ideas of how their lyrics can fit with the music.

Advanced guitarist writers and songwriters find the guitar a self-contained orchestra all on its own. Since a big part of good music is guitar-based, it will give you a feel of how the finished music will sound. The idea is especially helpful if you are in a band and trying to convey your vision to the other musicians.

How To Play Guitar 101
Photo by MART PRODUCTION: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-carrying-his-guitar-8106236/

Guitars Are Portable

Other instruments like the piano are not portable and easy to carry around. Similarly, full-sized keyboards are unwieldy (difficult to move) just like the experience the drummers have to go through every time they want to move their kits. When you compare a guitar with the instruments above, you will see that they are super easy to move around. For example, acoustic guitar players only need you to invest in a good case to protect the instrument from damage and makes it portable. You can take your guitars to the park, use them for busking on the street, pack them for camping trips, or stow them on airplanes when you vacation. If you can go somewhere, there is a great chance your guitar can go there too.

The Lessons from the Guitar are Transferable to other Instruments

Playing acoustic guitar equips you with skills you can transfer to the electric guitar. That’s pretty obvious. Additionally, the skills and theory you learn on guitar can transfer to other instruments. For example, with the understanding of scales and chords from music theory on guitar, it is easy to switch to bass. The strings on the bass are the same as the lower four strings on the guitar, except one octave apart. Similarly, it’s simple to transition from guitar to ukulele, as the tuning is similar. Furthermore, it is easier to understand other stringed instruments such as the banjo or violin. When you know the guitar, it opens the door to learning other instruments.

You Can Practice Guitar at Low Volumes

You wouldn’t live in an apartment next to a trumpet player, would you? You would not because the trumpet has no volume control.

Here is the point; you can practice your guitar at low volumes or using headphones. This aspect relieves beginners (and their families) from the noise made when they can make mistakes and fumble around without feeling embarrassed.

This is also a plus for advanced players who can practice their chops at any hour, day or night, without disturbing the people who live with or near them.

Guitars are Perfect for Solo Performers.

If you want to sing and perform solo with an instrument, piano and guitar are your two choices, but the guitar is far more popular.

With a guitar, you can play fingerstyle acoustic instrumentals, perform with an electric guitar in a jazz club, and even put on a concert as a classical guitarist.

Guitar Is Easy to Learn

For you to master an instrument, it takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. The same applies to getting good at guitar. However, if you learn to play a few chords and strum along with your favorite song, in a relatively short time. If you dedicate a little time to it daily, you can play music and even jam with friends within a week.

Large Availability of Resources

Many books, instructional resources, and websites are available to learn the guitar. There are also many guitar teachers to choose from on different websites, like Teachable or YouTube. Few other instruments have the same large base of resources to learn from.


The popularity of the guitars is due to their unique characteristics like being portable, easy to learn, versatile and more. This is not common with other instruments, making the guitar a very popular musical instrument to learn!

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