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Every year, millions of songs are released by various artists around the world and many are liked by the masses. However, only a few songs get worldwide recognition and even fewer songs are listened to and enjoyed decades after their release date. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me is a song loved by millions around the world.

Bang Bang by Cher is played on the guitar on the G minor scale with a simple arpeggio as the introduction to the song. The chorus is complemented with soft strums on Gm, Cm, D7, and Gm progression. An electric guitar with a clean tone and some treble to it is used to play the entire song.


In this article, we will discuss a brief overview of bang bang by Cher and learn how to play the song on guitar tabs. We’ll also share some additional information about the song’s arrangement and further interesting facts about the song.

Overview of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) By Cher

Bang Bang is a song released in 1966 by American singer and actress Cher. The song is featured in her second album, “The Sunny side of Cher”. 

Although it was sung by Cher, her husband originally wrote the song. Her husband was an American singer, actor, songwriter and politician Salvatore Phillip also known as Sonny Bono.

The song extended to No. 3 in the singles chart in the United Kingdom while it remained No.2 on the BillBoard Hot 100 for a full week! 

Eventually, Bang Bang became one of Cher’s best-selling singles during the 1960s.

For Cher, this was her first song to reach a million-selling status which is a huge thing considering the time we are talking about. There was no Spotify or YouTube back them. 

It was also her only song in the UK top 3 for a long period of time until 1991 when her Shoop Shoop song took the number 1 place on the list.

Bang Bang Guitar Tabs 

The song Bang Bang by Cher is on the G minor scale of the guitar. 

A simple 4/4 beat and chord progression is used in the entire song with one minute change in the bridge part.

Introduction of the Song (Gm-Cm-D7-Gm)

Its introduction is a beautiful orchestral-type musical piece that transitions into a sort of a jingle before the lyrics start. The chord progression on the song is more or less the same for the entire song with one exception as follows:

Gm, Cm, D7, Gm for the chorus, verse, and introduction of the song.

To play this song on the guitar simply hold the Gm chord and pluck your guitar strings in a simple arpeggio. Do the same procedure, changing the chord on every fourth beat for 2 bars to complete the intro.

Verse of the Song (Gm-Cm-D7)

The verse of this particular song is quite simple. You just have to go back and forth from G minor to Cm. Play one bar for each chord respectively, for the first till the last two stanzas of the verse (my baby shot me down) where you will use the D7 chord for 4 beats and then revert back to G minor.

Bridge of Bang Bang (G-F-G-F)

The only exception is at the bridge part of the sign where the progression changes to G, F, G, F. 

Each chord is played for a duration of 4 beats and the chord is changed at the first word of each stanza.

The bridge is 2 bars long and transitions into the final verse which is verse number 3 of the song.

Bang Bang Chorus 

Interestingly enough, the song Bang Bang does not have a chorus. 

Many listeners might consider the stanza “bang bang he shot me down bang bang I hit the ground” as the chorus of the song as it is heard repeatedly throughout the track. However, that’s not the case.

Actually, the song has no chorus and the repeated verse is deliberately put there in all the verses by the writer.

The song structure is just based on 3 verses and one bridge part which is different from the conventional sound structures. 

This could be a potential reason why the song was such a big hit in the world.

Covers of the Song

The song was such a huge hit that famous artists, later on, covered the song in their own voices and musical compositions. 

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra also covered the song and received a lot of fame for it.

In addition to this, due to the peculiar tone of the vocals, modern-day EDM artists have widely used the song’s lyrics in their mixes at live sets and music festivals like ultra music fest and Tomorrowland.


Q. Who Sang the Original Version of Bang Bang?

Bang bang is originally owned by Cher and was written by her husband Sonny Bono. The reason why Nancy Sinatra’s version is more well-known is that when she covered it. 

The music industry was thriving much better compared to before and she was a far more famous artist than Cher given her father’s status and fame.

Q. Can Bang Bang Be Played Just on a Singular Instrument, Especially Without the Orchestra Part?

You can play the song without the orchestra part and you can also play on a singular instrument. The choice of instrument and composition is your choice and will be your personal rendition of the song. I would recommend using a guitar or piano as singular instruments if you want to play it that way as both these instruments are versatile with a variety of sounds and scales to choose from while singing

Final Thoughts

Bang Bang by Cher is a beautiful song, masterfully written and elegantly composed. Its dark undertone vocals take you to a unique emotion filled with sorrow, and misery but still fun to listen to. The song is on a Gm scale and moves around Gm and Cm mainly. You’ll also play the F chord and D7 in the bridge and the introduction. Overall, it’s a beginner-level song. 

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