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5 Good Reasons The Guitar Is Going To Make You A Better Person

Here are 5 reasons of how playing guitar would benefit your life!

Guitar Playing Provides Real Pleasure

  • This is probably the essence of musical practices in general. And the guitar is no exception to this rule, since it gives us great pleasure.
  • Approaching the subject in a more specific way, according to a neuro scientific study at McGill University in Montreal (Canada), listening and playing the guitar releases hormones of “well-being”, within which is the dopamine, better known as the hormone of happiness.
  • Unusually, still according to the studies of the research institution mentioned above, the fact of playing the guitar and listening to music raises the same chemical process in our brain as when we went through the experience of sexual intercourse.
  • ​This term may seem a little strong, but the facts are given: the more you listen to music or play the guitar, the more you enjoy doing it. And that is why your brain will secrete dopamine hormone.

Playing the Guitar Eliminates Stress and Help Motor Skills

  • It doesn’t matter if you take guitar lessons with a teacher or if you play in your room alone, the effect is the same: you will relax by strumming the six or more strings on your instrument. And that goes for classic or acoustic bass too!
  • According to a cooperative study carried out by Loma Linda University in California (United States) and the School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems, stress has been shown to be significantly reduced when we play an instrument, and the guitar is part of them .
  • Since its origin, the guitar has its virtues recognized!
  • And that would happen in the genetic dimension of our body! Musical vibrations would directly impact our immune system in response to blood pressure, which would help us fight viruses and other dangers to our bodies.

The Guitar Increases your Brain Activity (Better Memory)

  • A recent study in Scotland states that when you play the guitar – it works with any other musical instrument – you can improve your brain functions and activities.
  • This would also favor the fight against cerebellar degeneration in the medium and long term.
  • Then, you can stop taking pills to stimulate your brain activity and start organizing your little book of figures, play guitar and train a lot. Certainly, your brain will thank you!
  • Guitar playing is good for mental health.

Playing guitar strengthens the heart muscles

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  • In fact, Dutch researchers have found that people who practice a musical activity such as the guitar for at least 100 minutes a day, experience a significant drop in blood pressure as well as in heart rate compared to a person who does not make music.
  • This finding was reinforced by another study by the Berklee School of Music in Boston (United States), conducted by the chair of the department of music therapy, Suzanne Hannser.
  • Playing music has a real impact on our health, especially for older people, since the heart minimizes its intensity and stress and anxiety and depression tend to decrease.

Playing the instrument increases self-confidence on guitarists

  • By expressing yourself fully and without censorship with your guitar, you will release a great emotional weight, which will make you gain confidence in yourself.
  • Singing a song or playing a song may even seem easy to some. However, creating, composing, inventing a song, this is a real personal challenge and as soon as you manage to do it, you will gain enormous confidence in yourself!

Here is a video of me showing how much I enjoy playing the guitar also as well how much the guitar had helped my to express myself. Also, check out my other blogs about the guitar as well being a guitarist, Thanks for reading!

How else the guitar can be beneficial in you life? I would love to see that in the comments!

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