Best Cheap Classical Guitar Under 500? Here Some Tips

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Learning to play classical guitar can be fund exciting, and a good way to relieve stress. However, you’ll want to make sure that your guitar can produce beautiful music. If you choose a low-quality guitar, there is a good chance that you’re not going to be satisfied with the sound it produces. You’ll want to spend a little more so you can create beautiful music that people will want to hear. If you’re interested in spending 500 or less, you’ve come to the right place. Within this guide, you will learn more about buying the best cheap classical guitar under 500.

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Best Cheap Classical Guitar Under 500? Here Some Tips
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Consider String Style

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you choose the right string type. You will find that there are steel-string and nylon-string guitars. While both work great for various purposes, only one is perfect for classical musicians. If you want the best results, you’ll want to buy a nylon-string guitar. Nylon strings produce the type of sound that you would expect from a classical guitar.

Does It Work For You? 

It is important to make sure that the guitar works for you. Some guitars are too big or too small. You’ll want one that suits your stature perfectly. This ensures that you’re able to play the guitar comfortably without any issues. If you’re smaller, you’ll want to choose a smaller guitar and vice versa.


You can choose between electric and acoustic. While electric guitars are great for rock and roll, you may not like them for classical music. Acoustic guitars tend to perform better for this purpose. On top of that, acoustic guitars are better for beginners. With an acoustic guitar, you can start playing immediately since you won’t need an amp. You also won’t have to worry about buying pedals and other accessories. Stick with a nylon-string acoustic since it’ll be easier to play and it’ll sound better for classical songs.

Best Cheap Classical Guitar Under 500? Here Some Tips
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Choosing Appearance

Ultimately, you’ll want to buy a guitar the looks great. All guitars are cool and they’ll look great in your home. However, you may have a specific color that you want. If this is the case, you’ll want to find the best cheap classical guitar under 500 that matches your aesthetic preferences. Choose the look that you want since you’re going to keep the guitar for a long time.


When it comes to affordable acoustic guitars, there are endless options on the market. Brand-name or knockoff, which is the best option for you? Most brand-names are going to come with a higher price tag than the replica. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a better quality acoustic guitar just because you go with brand-name. Sometimes it only means saving a little money in the investment.

 Shop Around

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you shop around a bit. You don’t want to spend too much but you’ll want a good guitar that is going to last. And, you’ll want it to sound great. So, you should shop around until you get a guitar that works for your budget. Follow the tips above to make sure that you get a great classical guitar that works excellently for your classical playing style.

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