Can a Guitar Neck Be Repaired?

I know how much it hurts when the guitar’s neck is broken. I faced the issue with the most favorite guitar of mine, and unfortunately, I had to perform the next day at a concert. I didn’t have the second guitar to play. But, I knew how to repair the guitar neck, which saved my life. 

Fortunately,  yes. In most cases, you can repair the neck of your guitar. However, it also depends on the damage. For example, if the guitar neck is seriously damaged or the brake is not clean, you may find it challenging to repair. But there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. 

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This guide will share some practical information about guitar neck or headstock repair. Reading this article will remove your worries regarding a broken or damaged guitar neck. 

What to Do if My Guitar Neck Is Broken?

Firstly, we can’t even want to see our guitar neck broken. I know guitars are pretty expensive nowadays. But, a broken guitar neck is beyond money. We have an emotional attachment to the guitar we use.

There’s no rule of thumb that a guitar neck is damaged or broken for a specific reason. Different kinds of things happen with your guitar. For example, an accident, excessive heat, a guitar falling from your hand while playing or carrying, you name it. 

Moreover, you have to remember that the guitar is not made of aluminum or steel. So no matter how durable your guitar is, it can be damaged or broken.

But, wait a minute, a few seconds, I would say.

You don’t need to replace the guitar if you find additional damage to it. Moreover, there’s no need to go to the shop. Instead, with the help of some everyday tools, you can repair your guitar’s broken neck. 

Really? Yes, my friend. 

As I mentioned above, I repaired my broken guitar neck independently.

However, there are a few things you can do when your guitar neck is broken, you can replace the guitar with a new one or you can repair the broken neck. However, I would suggest to get a new guitar neck as you will find them online or guitar store.

Can You Glue a Broken Guitar?

Yes, you can. Nonetheless, this is one of the practical tools you should use to clean your guitar neck. But, then again, it more likely depends on the condition of the damage and how it breaks. Furthermore, there’s a condition. 

So before using the wood glue to repair the broken neck of your guitar, make sure it is clean. 

If the guitar neck is broken horizontally, it may not be easy, in some cases, to use wood glue. Furthermore, you have to make sure to use suitable wood glue to perform the task of repairing broken guitar necks or headstocks.

You will find specialized guitar repairing glue on the market.

Can a Warped Guitar Neck Be Fixed?

Most of the time, you can fix the warped or twisted guitar neck unless it is several warped. But, you should always need to give it a try before replacing the guitar warped guitar neck. 

However, there’s a difference between a clean break guitar neck and a warped guitar neck due to the heat or dump of a clean break guitar neck. Regarding the warped guitar neck, you should repair it as soon as possible.

 You can follow the steps below.

  • Check the guitar neck precisely. 
  • Lay down the guitar on a flat surface—a few inches above the floor.
  • Remove the string and pegs.
  • Remove the fretboard using the chisel. You iron to apply heat so that you will find it easier to remove the fretboard.
  • Reshape the neck with a hammer. Make sure you do it gently
  • Adjust the tuning pegs.
  • Reattach the fretboard.

How to Repair a Broken Guitar Neck?

Now, you must come to this blog’s most important part. Here, I will share with you some of the most straightforward steps to repair the broken neck of your guitar at home. 

However, as the following section proceeds, I will introduce you to the tools or stuff you need to perform this.

Step 1: Remove the Guitar String

The first task should start with removing the string of your guitar. However, pulling the strings will give you a lot of ease while repairing the guitar neck. Make sure you carefully remove the tuning pegs before pulling the strings. 

Step 2: Inspect the Damage to the Guitar Neck

In this stage, you should determine the condition of your guitar’s broken neck or headstock. It is possible to repair the neck of the guitar if it is cleanly broken.

Step 3: Place the Broken Piece Into the Guitar

It would help if you placed the broken neck or headstock into the guitar to see how well they fit. This is important because if you cannot place the broken piece and the guitar together, the step I followed won’t work for you.

Step 4: Apply Wood Glue

 Here, you need to apply the glue carefully to the broken neck and the guitar park from where the neck is broken. You can put the glue into a bowl and use a brush to apply the wood glow gently. This task may take some time. 

So, make sure you are patient enough. Take enough glow.

Step 5: Join the Neck With the Guitar

Once you are done applying the glue, it’s time to place the broken neck with the guitar. Make sure you place the guitar neck carefully. Moreover, place it on the portion of the guitar where the neck is eliminated.

Step 6: Use Clamps to Hold the Neck and Guitar Together

This is the final step; here, it is better to use clams to connect or hold the neck and guitar together. At least, use 2 clams and put them on the side of the joining. 

Once you perform all the above steps, it’s time to wait for at least 48 hours to check the condition of your guitar. Then, use a cloth to clean the additional glue from the guitar.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Broken Neck of Your Guitar?

The cost of a broken neck repairing your guitar depends on the type of break. However, it may cost you around $20-$50. Moreover, this is the cost of buying wood glue.

Furthermore, taking your guitar to the nearest repair shop may cost you $30-$40 more.

Final Words

You now have a decent idea about how to repair a broken neck on your guitar. This will help you and people facing issues with their guitars like you. However, don’t try anything fancy rather than what experts suggest. I hope you can take care of your guitar for a long time. That’s all.

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