Can Guitar Get You Laid?

You must have seen movies where a girl’s eyes light up when someone starts to play the guitar. If you look at guitarists like Keith Richards or Lenny Kravitz, you get impressed by their appearance and feel a sense of attraction. You may even ask yourself, will playing the guitar make me this attractive?

A study in France reveals that a man is more attractive to the opposite sex if he is holding a guitar. Guitars, for an unknown reason, act as pulling power. Guitars attract women and develop a sense of compassion, poetic nature, instant affection and passion in men. Let’s find out why this attraction happens and if it can get you lucky.

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Why Do People Play Guitar?

Playing Guitar is Therapeutic.

The benefits of music therapy are known to enhance people’s memory, manage a person’s stress, improve communication and helps to empower them to cope with life.

It Enhances Creativity

Whether you write original material or rework a song for your favorite video game guitar cover, the guitar will unleash your creativity. This creativity can be applied to writing an essay for school or putting together some ideas for your boss. This is because we are innately creative, even if we sometimes don’t feel it. However, when we play the guitar, it reconnects us with our creativity. It helps us express our true authenticity, and by doing that, we flow with creativity.

It Enables People to Express Their Feelings.

There are those moments when you find it hard to verbally express your feelings. However, many guitarists find it easier to express their emotions, process their feelings, and feel truly heard through playing the guitar.

When you play the guitar, you go through many emotions. Guitars are perfect vehicles for letting out your feelings. When playing, you will often feel my aggression, sadness and any anxiety leaving your mind and body, especially when practicing video game guitar tabs alongside your guitar lessons.
To many people, playing the guitar is a highly cathartic way to convey their views, feelings, passions and fear.

Playing Guitar Boosts Your Confidence

If you learn to play the guitar, you will have a positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence. When you learn to play and continue improving your guitar tabs, you will likely play before a family member, your partner, some potential band mates or even an audience. 

It may be scary at first to play guitar in front of others, but with time you will build confidence in expressing yourself publicly and sharing your creativity. 

Confidence will help you in the way you relate to others in a school or work setting. You will gain essential playing skills that boost your confidence with constant practice for example with video game tabs alongside your physical guitar lessons.

Moreover, confidence teaches your presentation skills like how to speak to a crowd – even if it is just to your family members. Could it be this confidence that attracts women to guitarists?

How To Play Guitar to Meet Women

Play with creativity

It is not easy to play the guitar but the more creatively you play it, the more attractive you appear. Creativity is associated with some level of intelligence, talent, and responsibility. Many women love creative people, and if it is a man showcasing the guitar, it’s perfect. Increase your creativity using video game guitar covers and these will help you sharpen your physical guitar skills.

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Play With Ease and Control

A man playing guitar must have strong fingers and this demonstrates strength and precision. This also means that he has full control over his hands. For women, these strong hands allow her to imagine tender caresses and protection over her and this is very attractive.

Select Soothing Music

A gentleman that can play some feel-good music will make others feel good too, especially women. When your guitar playing is sensual and soft, she will associate that good feeling with you. Such women will want to be around you, know more about you, and be a part of your life. This music also creates a romantic ambiance which is very appealing to women.

Play With a Sensitive Mind

Guitar players need some sensitivity regarding the choice of music and expression. When a man is sensitive, he will be perceived as caring, and loving, which is very attractive to women.

Play with Energy

If you are performing on stage, you probably look like a rock star when playing your guitar. The energy you give will be difficult to be ignored by a woman. After all, any woman would want to be a part of a rock star’s life.

Can Guitar Help You Meet People?

Playing guitar will improve your social life in several ways. You will be able to meet other people with the same interest in music as you. Playing guitar with others also creates a bond over your shared love of music and lets you have fun together. Additionally, playing guitar helps you develop important social skills, like communication and teamwork. When you work together to play music, it helps you build strong relationships with others.


Though many guitarists may not be able to match Lenny Kravitz’s magnetism when it comes to women, here is one tip you can take from the musician- playing guitar with confidence and passion boosts your sex appeal. This article has featured scientific research which strongly agrees with the cliché that guitar playing makes you attractive. For some reason, guitars act as pulling power. It attracts women because they perceive you as sensitive, strong, intelligent, talented, creative, romantic, sensual and yes, even a rock star that she would like to date.

The bottom line is that priming a female with the belief that you’re a musician is an easy way to get her interested. It’s one of the top tactics that will soften her up. However, use this with caution and play instead to create a community of people who love music.

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