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Can I Learn Piano and Guitar at The Same Time?

Have you ever been curious if it’s possible to learn both the piano and guitar at the same time? Maybe you had a few music lessons of each on your own or even with an instructor? Well, most musicians prefer picking up a second musical instrument after they have put in all the time and effort to understand and play one instrument well. Yes, it’s normal for you to want to play multiple instruments once you’ve mastered one. And if the music theory and standard notations are the same, you should be able to. 

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However, if you’re just looking to expand your musical repertoire, you may not be sure if teaching yourself two instruments at once is too much work. Learning piano and guitar may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured that it can be done to learn these two instruments! With proper instruction, motivation and dedication, it isn’t just doable -it can actually be enjoyable. Let me explain why learning two instruments isn’t as hard as it seems and how starting small will make all the difference in your journey toward mastering them both!

What you need to learn guitar piano at the same time;

There are certain personality traits and advice you need to keep in mind if you want to learn guitar piano simultaneously. These include:

1. Patience

You must practice patience to learn playing the guitar and the piano at the same time. This is because there will be challenges along the way, and they can demoralize you. Both instruments come with challenges, and learning them simultaneously, means their challenge and call for attention will double. You will therefore need the patience to keep moving forward.

2. Dedication

You must entirely dedicate yourself to learning both of these instruments. Dedication means that you should not skip practice and always try to learn as much as you can daily.

3. Time

You must free up some time and allocate it to learning both instruments. If you have a busy schedule, it will be hard to learn the two instruments at once. It will, therefore, be most advisable to focus on the one you like most.

4. Perseverance

Statistics indicate that 85% of students who start learning a musical instrument will quit after two years. From these statistics, you need to be able to persevere to effectively learn both the guitar and the piano. Perseverance will need you to remain focused and motivated as you keep learning the two instruments. One has string and the other has it as well, but it’s different.

5. An organized practice routine 

Having an organized practice routine is key to successful learning any instrument. Music practice has been always a key to master any instrument. To get the most out of both instruments, set a defined amount of time for each one – such as an hour or two. This ensures that you are dedicating adequate time to each instrument and can progress in the right direction. Also, creating a practice routine enables you to accurately measure your growth – which wouldn’t be possible without specific goals and activities laid out beforehand. So, don’t underestimate the power of a good practice plan!

6. Guitar Lessons and Music Theory

Music theory would definitely help with the process of learning two instruments at the same time. Of course, is easier if you already have some knowledge in one instrument and then begin to learn another instrument. Music theory can be a big help to be able to understand any new piece are learning and of course that include being able to understand notation. Also, I’m pretty sure you are going to need some music theory to learn piano. It seems most pianist knows their theory (my apologies if that is not your case, I guess not everyone learn the same way).

How Long Will It Take You to Learn Guitar and Piano Simultaneously?

The time taken to learn both instruments will depend on your ability, prior experience with both instruments, the amount of time you allocate to practicing and the quality of your practice routine. For example, you need at least one year of constant studying and practicing to perfectly learn a guitar. Learning both instruments will take you double the time to play them perfectly. The time frame includes the fact that you will put in a lot of effort, take your guitar lessons/piano lessons seriously, and practice daily.

Does Playing the Piano Help with Guitar?

In both cases, you’ll have a better understanding of the chords, and you will get better finger dexterity. Additionally, when you play the piano, you will get better eye and hand coordination, making it easier for you to play the guitar.

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Benefits of learning guitar and piano at the same time

1. You will be able to play the guitar and piano simultaneously.

One of the obvious benefits of playing both the guitar and the piano is that it will help you to better understand how a song/piece works and help you become a more versatile musician in any day.

2. It helps you to develop a better sense of rhythm and timing with the instrument. 

These aspects of the two musical instruments will improve your musical hearing ability and knowledge of music theory. The piano has always been preferred for composition; learning the guitar will help you start composing your songs. 

3. You develop confidence and do away with the fear of the unknown

As a human being, you will fear what you don’t. However, the fear will transform into confidence if you learn the unknown.

For example, when you can only play the guitar, all other instruments, including the piano, will seem mysterious. Therefore, your world will only be limited to playing the guitar alone. Learning both instruments shows that you are expanding your musical world and building confidence.

4. Learning both instruments will break the boredom of learning musical instruments.

 The 10,000-hour rule holds that you will be a master of something after practicing for 10,000 hours. Therefore, you may get bored when you surpass the 10,000 hours in your guitar journey because only a few things will stir up your emotions. However, playing these instruments together reduces the chances of boredom since, with the piano, it is possible to play 5-6 notes simultaneously. Playing up to 10 notes with ten fingers is also possible. The resulting sounds from the piano are fuller and richer than the guitar and will break the boredom.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to learn to play the guitar and the piano at the same time. However, reaching your goal requires dedication, time, patience and perseverance. You also reap benefits such as finger skills and confidence, among other benefits, as highlighted in this article. Achieve a more robust foundation on both instruments by learning them together. For free guitar tabs to practice your skills, click here.

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