Can You Play the Guitar Without Singing?

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People have different styles of playing the Guitar. Some people can play the Guitar and sing extraordinarily at a time. Nevertheless, some people enjoy playing the guitar but find singing uncomfortable.

You can definitely learn to play guitar even if you don’t sing. It’s not mandatory to sing while playing the Guitar. Most famous guitarists aren’t experts in singing. So, singing is a skill; you can develop it separately. 

However, there are many ways to play the Guitar without singing. If you want to be a master of playing the Guitar without singing, you are welcome here.

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Why Should I Learn Guitar Even If I Can’t Sing?

Playing guitar and singing are two separate skills. There is no direct relation between playing the guitar and singing. Think about the guitarists behind the vocals in the concert. They hardly sing. Instead, they focus a lot on playing guitar perfectly.  So, there is no rule of thumb that you should only play guitar if you can sing. 

The final and foremost thing is that there is no need to sing when you play the Guitar. It’s all about your personal preference. However, you will get the answer if you look up Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page [Led Zeppelin], and Slash [Guns N Roses]. They were legends. They didn’t use vocals when they played the Guitar. 

Can a Non-Singer Play an Instrument?

A man who is a master of playing piano or guitar does not necessarily need to be a better singer. You can be good at it if you do not like to sing. But, you can still play an instrument, whatever you want. 

You have to play musical instruments based on the vocals, but this doesn’t mean you must be good at singing. 

Playing guitar and singing songs are two different arts. 

Why Should I Learn Guitar First?

Suppose you have a deep fascination with music. You want to sing songs using the guitar but don’t know how to play the Guitar. So, it is always better to learn guitar because it will take time. We all are bathroom singers already. Sounds funny? 

However, if you are done with playing guitar, it will add more twists when you start to sing.  So, you have to be able to play the Guitar. After learning to play the Guitar, you can focus on learning to sing. 

Can I Learn Guitar Without Knowing Music?

Well, you can. Even the most famous guitarists worldwide have masted playing guitar without knowing that much about music. But, if you don’t have something like the born skill of playing musical instruments, you can learn guitar by knowing the music at a time. 

People who want to play guitar as a professional should know the music or musical notation.  This will help them organize the way they play guitar. But, this is not mandatory at all.  It all depends on you. 

How to Sing And Play the Guitar at a Time?

I know it looks and sounds fascinating when someone sings and plays the guitar simultaneously. And, you may have ever wondered, “I wish I could sing like him, playing my favorite tune with the guitar?”

No worries. We have put together some advice for you from the experts in this field. 

Pin Down the Basics First

You should know the guitar’s basics when you try to sing and play the Guitar together. If you gain the proper knowledge about playing the Guitar, you can sing and play the Guitar simultaneously.  

Try to invest time in developing your skill. You will get the ability to play the Guitar, and at the same time, you also can sing. 

Start Slow and Simple

Suppose you want to learn how to sing complex guitar melodies at incredible speed. Can you remember the scene when you learned how to play the Guitar? You learned to play things like scale, chords, and riffs by starting quickly or slowly. 

So, learning to sing and play the Guitar simultaneously is not different; you can start with slow and simple.

Learning simple chords instead of riffs can be very effective when singing or playing the Guitar.

Vocal Range and Style

Your vocal range is also significant. You should not only focus on correcting your guitar playing skill but also be conscious of your vocal range. However, before singing and playing the Guitar, you should check your vocals—the best way to sing your favorite songs. 

You can record your voice and listen to it a few times. This will give you a decent idea of your tone of voice. 

Choose a Song You Love to Sing Millions of Time

What is your favorite song? I can give you 3 seconds to think about it. 3,2,1.. Time’s up.

It’s essential to choose a song a few times and play the guitar. However, you can sing any type of song without music. For this, you may not mind choosing whatever song you want to play with the guitar, no matter how skilled you are. 

Related Questions

Is Your Child Ready to Play the Guitar?

How old is your child? If they are around 7 or know how the guitar works, you can teach them to learn the guitar. 

However, we share some tips to know if your child is ready to play the Guitar. 

  1. Tapping out a basic rhythm.
  2. Have essential finger dexterity.
  3. They are motivated to practice. 
  4. Can stay focused for about 30 minutes.  

What Age Is Better to Learn Guitar?

I have seen many children have extraordinary guitar playing skills. However, there’s no specific age for learning guitar. Yet, you may not want your 3 years old child to hold the guitar properly and start playing it. 

However, someone around 7 years old can start learning guitar. Furthermore, don’t forget to consider the fact of maturity level. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

The progress of playing the Guitar varies from person to person. Some people can make incredible progress. Suppose you practice for only thirty minutes per day; it will take four years to learn Guitar. Besides, you need only six months if you spend 4 hours daily.  

Is Guitar Easy to Learn?

Nothing seems easy until it is done. Regarding guitar, there is no exception. However, if playing guitar is that easy, everyone passionate about it becomes the best guitarist. But, if you keep patience and practice properly, it gradually seems easier to play guitar


Playing guitar is an art. And, to be a good artist, you should practice continuously. When we talk about playing guitar, the concept will remain the same. So, there’s no issue that you have to sing songs while playing the guitar. 

Instead, it is always better to focus on playing guitar online. So, can you play guitar without playing music? Yes, these are the possible answers we can expect from you. 

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