Game Tabs: Celeste Awake Guitar Tab

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A Game That Challenges Players and Captures Hearts

Celeste is a critically acclaimed platformer game released in 2018. The game follows Madeline, a young woman who sets out on a journey to the top of Celeste Mountain. Along the way, Madeline will face a variety of obstacles and enemies that she must overcome with her own skills and abilities. Although it’s a challenging game, Celeste is also an emotional rollercoaster that captures players’ hearts.

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The Story of Celeste

Celeste tells an engaging story with its 8 chapters. Players follow Madeline as she struggles to overcome depression and anxiety while making her way up the mountain. As she climbs higher and higher, she must confront her inner demons—figurative and literal—in order to reach the summit. The game’s art style is simple yet stunning and helps to capture the emotion of each scene. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter characters that have their own stories to tell, further deepening your connection with this world and its inhabitants.

The Gameplay of Celeste

Celeste combines intense platforming action with thoughtful puzzle elements that challenge players from beginning to end. With over 700 screens across 8 different chapters, there are plenty of opportunities for players to hone their timing, reflexes, and problem-solving skills in order to progress through the levels. The controls are tight and responsive so players can make precise jumps or movements without worry about mistiming or miscalculations that could lead them astray during their journey up the mountain.

There are also several collectibles hidden throughout each chapter that provide additional challenges for experienced players seeking more than just beating the level itself. Collecting all these items unlocks special bonus levels not found in any other part of the game which offer even more difficult puzzles for those looking for an extra challenge upon completing Celeste’s main story mode!

Celeste is an exceptional platformer that offers hours of fun while also providing an engaging story full of emotion and depth. With its tight controls and intense gameplay, it appeals to both casual gamers looking for some lighthearted adventure as well as experienced gamers looking for a challenging experience they won’t soon forget!

Whether you’re playing for its story or simply for its satisfying gameplay mechanics, you won’t be disappointed by what Celeste has to offer! It stands out among other platformers due to its unique blend of challenging gameplay elements coupled with beautiful art direction and compelling characters – truly something everyone should experience at least once!

Composed by Lena Raine

The guitar tuning is 6(E) 5(A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(C) 1(E).


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