Best Guitar Support: Why I Use The Ergoplay Support?

My life changed ten years ago when my professor at the moment suggested I change the guitar support I was using. I listened to him, and now I can’t come back to use a footstool. What is the ErgoPlay support, and why is it so beneficial?

The Ergoplay is a remarkable guitar rest that assists your guitar playing. The ErgoPlay support is incredibly stable, adjustable, and ergonomic. It is made to reduce back pain while playing guitar for long periods. There are many brands similar to this guitar support. It’s a game-changer.

Here I’m going to talk about my decision to change guitar support and the long-term benefits. Through the whole article, you will find links and images that take you directly to amazon links of these guitar accessories. I’m going to get a small commission if you decide to purchase. Using the affiliate link to amazon greatly helps my channel on YouTube and my overall brand as well.

Why I decided to use the Ergoplay Support?

Like almost every classical guitarist, I began to play classical guitar with a footstool. And also, like everyone, I got used to playing with it because, of course, it feels comfortable to have the guitar in the proper position to play. But, most of the time, we never pay attention to our bodies when we do something we love to do. In this case, my back was suffering big time, and it was not until five years later that I realized the miracles that good guitar support can do to your playing. In 2010, I decided to study in Madrid, Spain, for a semester, and I had the great opportunity to study with maestro Demetrio Ballesteros! He is a well-recognized teacher and performer from Toledo, Spain, and in my first lesson, he convinced me to change guitar support. And probably it has been the best decision from choosing a guitar accessory.

How does each guitar support look?

Here is a footstool support:

This is the Ergoplay support that I’m using at the moment: 

Also, here is a video of me using the ErgoPlay support in a video.

What are the pros and cons of the Ergoplay Support?

-Your back is not going to suffer the same way as the footstool. In fact, your back is going to appreciate it and be happy.
-You can adjust the Ergoplay to your best angle.
-Your guitar is going to be in the center while playing. That means that it is going to help your posture!
– You are going to feel freer when you play.
-You can use the Ergoplay for years and years. (I have been using the same support for 10 years)

-Sometimes you need to change the suction cups (they are very durable).
-Sometimes your suction cups would stop working while playing the guitar.
-It may feel uncomfortable and some people would prefer footstool. Not everyone is the same.

When is a good time to introduce this support to students?

For me, the perfect time depends on each student. A good tip would be when the student reaches high school. But I would say that middle school can work too. I definitely try to have at least two years of learning guitar with the footstool. This way, the student has the chance to experience the footstool first. Then later, he can see the difference that the ErgoPlay can make. Sometimes, the student prefers the footstool, and that is understandable. It is definitely weird the first time you use it. But it is always important to let the student know the pros and cons of using vs. not using it. You should still begin with the footstool if you are an adult student. And if you suffer from the back, you should use ErgoPlay or other similar products.

What are similar products to the ErgoPlay guitar support?

Here are other products that have the same purposes:

Oasis Guitar Support
Tenor TPGS

I hope I have helped you with understanding the guitar support I use. Feel free with asking me questions. Check out my blog for more content about accessories, tabs, and other general topics.

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