Does Guitar Hero Make You a Better Guitarist?

Who doesn’t want to be a better guitar guitarist? If you are a guitar enthusiast, you may definitely desire to play the guitar like a professional. But learning guitar is not like walking through a park. So, what is the most efficient and hustle-free way to become a good guitarist? What if there’s a game that helps you out? 

Yes, Guitar Hero gives proper support to become a good guitarist. Anyone can learn to play the guitar most easily with Guitar Hero. It improves finger strength, helps to gain a good sense of rhythm. Moreover, the game enhances one’s concentration. 

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So, it makes sense to share some exclusive facts about Guitar Hero here in this article. So, let’s dive in!

How Does Guitar Hero Teach You to Play Guitar?

Guitar Hero helps to learn to strum your guitar easily. Moreover, strumming, thrilling, and soloing are the same in the actual guitar and Guitar Hero. Furthermore,  Guitar Hero helps you bring some characteristics necessary to play the guitar. 

Coordination of Hand and Eye

The Guitar Hero game gives instructions on the visual screen on how to play the game. There are five buttons in the Guitar Hero instead of strings. The buttons carry different colors. Following the instruction, you have to control the Guitar Hero buttons. 

Moreover, you will be a great learner if you can adequately coordinate your hand and eye.

Gaining Adequate Flexibility

When you learn guitar, gaining flexibility on your fingers is most important. You can quickly gain flexibility on your fingers with Guitar Hero. For this, you must follow and maintain the instructions of the Guitar Hero carefully. 

Music varies much according to a song. The Guitar Hero’s visual screen gives instructions on which button to press. If the playing music is higher, you have to push the switch according to the screen indication.       

So, when you play Guitar Hero many times, Guitar Hero will bring flexibility to your fingers. This is because the positions of the Guitar Heroes button and strings of the actual guitar are the same. 

So, if you can press the buttons according to the song, you will get your finger’s flexibility. 

At the same time, you get the ability to control guitar strings.

Time Management

Timing is most important for every type of game. You will fail if you cannot do the right thing at the right time. The Guitar Hero also maintains this rule. Therefore, playing this game, you must be careful about time. 

Let’s see an example of a Guitar Hero player. He was playing the game with much concentration. The screen suggested pressing the long note, but he pushed the short note with anxiety. So, he failed because he could not press the right button. 

One of his friends also was playing Guitar Hero for the same song. Unfortunately, he had made another mistake. At a time, the screen suggested pressing the short note. He pressed but not on time. So, he failed according to the rules of the game.  

However, we have a learning point from the example. That is, timing must be maintained while playing Guitar Hero. The same will also be applied to a real guitar. If you can not press the right note at the right time, you can not get the proper result.  

What Are the Benefits of Playing Guitar Hero?

The first benefit of the Guitar Hero is that it helps to maintain physical fitness. It is not only a game but also an exercise tool. It is perfect for muscle exercise. 

The second one is Guitar Hero helps to enhance concentration. Besides, it helps to boost memory power. So when you are playing the guitar, these two characteristics significantly improve your guitar skill. 

For beginner guitarists, a Guitar Hero should be the first choice. First, Guitar Hero helps to teach them strumming and head and eye coordination. Then, they can quickly learn all these acts from Guitar Hero

What Is the Difference Between Guitar Hero and Real Guitar?

You will find some dissimilarities between Guitar Hero and real guitar. Every instrument has its features. Sometimes it can match with others. The differences between a real guitar and a Guitar Hero are-

  1. An actual guitar can tune by rotating the pegs at the top of the guitar until each string is tuned. But in Guitar Hero, you don’t have to adjust it. Instead, all notes are perfect for it because it’s a game. 
  1. The Guitar Hero does not give instructions about reading music notes and chords. But reading music notes and chords is very necessary for a real guitar. 

How Can I Become a Real-Life Guitar Hero?

All guitarists aspire to improve their guitar playing style. They want to make their audience satisfied. So, dreaming of becoming a good guitarist is not a bad thing. However, to become a real-life Guitar Hero, you must go through traditional planning. 

1. Know About Your Guitar

You should gather knowledge about your guitar. First, it’s necessary to know the features of your guitar—the strum bar, directional switch, strings, and so on. Guitar Hero has a strum bar and five buttons instead of a string. So, these will help to develop your guitar playing skill. 

2. Start From the Basic

You should play the most straightforward song in the first stage. Then, you will go through a medium complex piece when you get the right rhythmic idea. Then, knowing the background of all these songs, you will go through the more complicated music. 

After going through the above guideline, you can easily play the guitar. You can satisfy your audience and yourself.

3. Practice with Guitar Hero

Playing Guitar Hero can save high scores on your memory card and unlock new songs. Also, as you progress through the levels, you will get fake cash. All these things help to advance yourself. Besides, it makes you confident in your fundamental skill. 

You also can use the advanced techniques of Guitar Hero. These will help you to use some extra features. For example, if you want to play a long node, you must use the star button. When you press the start button, you will feel star-like behavior. 

Related Questions

Do You Need Any Guitar With Guitar Hero?

No! You don’t need any guitar with Guitar Hero. It’s a video game. The company provides all the instruments that you need to play the game. You will find no strings like guitar here. So, it is much easier to play. You can choose your favorite song to play the game

Does Guitar Hero Need Additional Dongles?

The answer is no. You don’t have to worry about an additional dongle with Guitar Hero. But if you want, you can use dongles. Before using it, you must be careful as it matches your instrument. You must use a wireless USB to connect your guitar with the Guitar Hero. 

Final Thoughts

Now we can say that a Guitar Hero is essential for those who don’t know how to play guitar. If a person wants to play guitar, he should keep the practice going. If he continues doing so, he will be able to play guitar more flexibly. 

So, why not start your guitar-playing journey with Guitar Hero? It comes with some of the most accessible features to help you learn guitar quickly.

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