Donkey Kong Country – Jungle Groove Guitar Tab

This is the Donkey Kong GUITAR TAB. Jungle Groove Guitar Cover.

Composed by David Wise

The guitar tuning is 6E 5A 4D 3G 2A 1E.

Jungle Groove is a melodramatic tune from the 1994 SNES game, Donkey Kong Country. The original tune follows a bouncy rhythm, jam-packed with an assortment of drum sounds as well as other complementary instruments. Just like most melodies in the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack, the Jungle Groove tune was composed by the talented video game music composer, David Wise.

When creating this Jungle Groove guitar cover, I tried as much as possible to maintain the initial drum beats by strum slapping my guitar. The original tune has a medium tempo and blends well with the various scenes in the game.

Donkey Kong Country is the sixth game release from the DK Franchise. The game first debuted in 1994 and costarred several theatrical tunes. The Jungle Groove melody in particular was featured in the game’s first level. Listening to the tune gives you memoirs of the first level of the game. If you’ve played this SNES arcade game, you will love the semblance of its original jungle tune with this guitar instrumental.

Other major tunes featured in the game include Mine Cart Madness, Bad Boss Boogie, and DK Island, Swing. It’s also worth noting that not all melodies in Donkey Kong Country were composed by David Wise. There are some other tracks in the soundtrack like Treetop Rock and Funky’s Fugue that were composed by ancillary artists.

Apart from Wise, some other notable contributors to the DK Country soundtrack include Eveline Fischer, (who made about nine tunes for the game) and Robin Beanland. Just to mention a few of Eveline’s songs in Donkey Kong, you might like Simian Segue, Ice Cave Chant, and K. Rool’s Cacophony.

The DK videogame is one of the most acclaimed games in the history of SNES gaming. Moreover, the choice and good quality of music in the game kind of sealed the deal for the 1994 “Country” version.


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