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One of my friends is enthusiastic about collecting more and more guitars. But he is so decent when it comes to playing the guitar. He neither attends any concert nor is he a professional guitarist.  His wife doesn’t like his behavior. Sometimes she thinks her husband is just wasting money, but nothing else, and wonders how many guitars are too many.

If you are satisfied with one guitar and having one guitar meets your guitar playing needs, owning two becomes too much for you. If you are a pro and want diversity in guitar playing, 2-3 guitars become too little for you. Therefore, it’s all up to your needs and personal preference. But, sometimes, desire can take the place of needs. 

In this guide, we want to take you through a deeper discussion regarding how many guitars you should have, why you may need different guitars, does owning more guitars provide any real benefits, and so on. 

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How Many Guitars Does the Average Player Have?

Before jumping into the answer, you should first determine who is an average guitar player. Why? This is because when you see 9 from your end, someone can see 6 from another end—just kidding, though. 

Well, it will be best for you to think of the average guitar player as neither a beginner nor an expert. In addition, an average may not be a professional guitarist but get calls from different parties from his near and dear ones. 

However, let’s say you are that guitarist. As an average guitar player, it will be pretty much OK if you have one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar. Do these seem too few? Well, you can have another classical guitar if you want. 

Moreover, having too many guitars for at least three can waste money. You don’t need them according to your guitar playing skill. But, if you have a strong desire to buy or collect guitars, whether you play them or not, we have nothing more to say here. 

There are a huge group of people around them who are suffering from GAS. Sounds weird? 

GAS simply means Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. If someone suffers from this syndrome, they hardly find any logic to buy more guitars. This group likes to collect guitars, guitar-related instruments, and stuff. 

Nevertheless, if someone has GAS, it is hard for him to determine exactly how many guitars are too many. An average GAS level may be pretty OK, but you should realize it when it goes out of control. 

Do You Need Multiple Guitars?

Let’s assume you don’t want to waste your money and aren’t shy about spending money on the guitars you badly need. Here, the question arises, how many guitars do you need? Or, what if you have only one guitar? Does having multiple guitars provide any real value? 

Multiple guitars sometimes become essential because there are different types of guitars, and not all guitars provide the same tune. The tune you like the best depends on your personal choice. 

Furthermore, let’s say you are a master of playing acoustic guitar and want to try the electrical guitar now. Well, electrical guitars are easy to play compared to acoustic guitars. But, you want to try the electric guitar for a different tune. 

So, in this case, do you need multiple guitars? Here, multiple guitars denote no specific number of guitars. It can be two or twenty. Do you know guitarists like Jimmy Page had only 3 types of guitars? But, he had multiple on each of the categories. 

Some people teach others to play the guitar. In this case, they need multiple guitars to teach different types of people. If you are one of them or tend to start teaching guitar, you should have multiple guitars. 

How Many Guitars Should You Have (Beginner to Advance)?

Here’s the important part. According to your guitar skill, it will be better to know a minimum of how many guitars you need. 

So, first, let’s talk about the number of guitars you need as a beginner. 

To be honest, playing multiple guitars at a time won’t benefit you when you are initially learning guitar. Moreover, at this stage, you should try to learn the basics of playing the guitar

According to the experts, choosing a single guitar is better when you are a beginner at playing it. And, not surprisingly, having an acoustic guitar is bare enough for you. 

But, if you want, you can also choose an electric guitar. It depends on your progress. But, this is not preferable. 

When you are one step forward, this means you are at the intermediate stage; you can have the electric guitar along with the acoustic guitar. 

Furthermore, in this stage of learning guitar, you will have the luxury of having a few guitars for different tunes. But then again, you don’t need too many of them, as most electric guitars produce a similar tune. 

Lastly, let’s say you have become an advanced guitarist. Should we congratulate you? Why not? Congratulations. 

When achieving the advanced skill of playing the guitar, you can now have more guitars. There’s nothing wrong with it. Some people use different guitars for different songs; you can do the same if you want. 

How Many Types of Guitars Are There?

There are mainly three types of guitar. These are acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and electronic Guitar. Moreover, you can differentiate the guitar based on size, tune, ease of play, strings, and many other factors. 

Types of GuitarLevel Ease of playNeckStringsSize
Acoustic guitarBeginnerMediumWider than electrical guitarSteelLonger than electrical guitars.
Electrical GuitarIntermediateEasier than acoustic guitars.ThinSteelShorter than acoustic guitars. Classical GuitarIntermediate/AdvancedMediumWider than acoustic and Lylonelectrical guitars.

Final Words

You have come to know the answer to the question of how many guitars are too many. Moreover,  you may have gathered precise knowledge about how many guitars you can own in different stages of the guitar-playing journey. 

If having more and more guitars becomes your habit or you find real pleasure in doing so, you can do so. But, there’s no mandatory rule to strictly use a specific number of guitars. 

Nevertheless, when you don’t need to buy more or have more guitars, but you’re still buying them, it can be said that the number of guitars is too many. For example, having 50-60 guitars is something you don’t need to learn guitar. 

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