How to find video game guitar tabs for free

Guitar tabs have been a great way to learn music without reading traditional notes. In fact, while today I prefer to read music with traditional notes, I learned to play guitar with tabs.

Learning video game music with guitar tabs is an easy way to play your favorite themes without knowing how to read notes. Guitar tabs have been here for a long time, and many influential guitarists have used them—That’s why I’m sharing with you a list of websites that offer video game music tabs.

It is very important to remember to support the artist and musician that created the tabs as well the compositors. While these tabs are free, there was a lot of work dedicated to making these tabs available. it is very important to share their work.

Here is a brief explanation of how to read tabs. A tab will have six lines simulating the strings of the guitar. You count them from the bottom to the top the same way you would count the guitar’s strings. The number would indicate the fret beginning with 0 being the open string all the way to 19 in most cases. Lastly, when you have numbers above the other, you need to play both of them together. I hope you understand better. The more you practice, the better you will get at reading them.

1) Video Game Guitar Tabs (

The first place is my website! I offer many tabs from my collection for free. There is nothing better than sharing my work with the community of guitarists and video gamers. There are still many songs that I need to make tabs on from my collection, but we are going to get there one day. You will find music from The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Marion, and more on the list.

2) Game Tabs // Video Game Tablature is probably the most popular page dedicated to video game tabs. There are currently 8349 tabs from 1916 games on this site. You can find tabs not just for guitar but also for banjo, bass, mandolin, and ukulele.

3) Video Game Themes | Tab Collections @

Ultimate-Guitar is a famous website that offers a wide range of tabs from all genres. It also has a video game theme collection with tabs. I’m pretty sure if you look for more, you can find more.

4) Top Video%20game Tabs | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

Songsterr have an extensive collection of tabs. This website lets you listen to the music and follow where the music is going on the tab, which I find very helpful at the moment of learning music.

5) Video Game Jam – Guitar and Bass Tablature for Video Game Music has been around since 2012. Here is another big collection of tablature for video game themes. Everything is divided by platform, and there is no need to download any app. It is effortless to navigate through the website.

6) Cecil (GuitarSVD)

Cecil has been making video game guitar covers for a while, offering the tabs for free. You can find an extensive collection of video game themes in his youtube channel, and all are excellent arrangements. Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, and other games!

7) Truman Wilson (Truman Wilson – YouTube)

Truman channel is growing with excellent arrangements from games like Final Fantasy, Hollow Night, and Chrono Trigger. The great thing is that he offers the tabs for each video, and you can find them in the description. Also, you can listen to his music on Spotify as well.

8) The Easiest Guitar Tabs (Guitar Tabs Of Video Games)

Here you can find a selection of video game music simply tabs on youtube. Also, you can find the pdf of each arrangement in the video description.

9) GuitarTabsYT (Video Game Guitar Tutorials)

Here you can find many tabs with the tutorial. Also, here is the link to the website in case you want the pdf. GuitarTabsYT – Anime Guitar Tabs (

10) EasyMusicLesson2 – Guitar, Ukulele and More! (Guitar Tab: Video Game)

This playlist contains around 84 video game guitar tabs, which are tutorials. 

11) The Collab Playground – Playing Music Together.

The Collab Playground consists of friends and musicians who share a passion for music from video games. It turns out that most of the integrants of the group are guitarists. This project has been growing, and everything begins as a connection from the Covid-19 pandemic. In these past two years, musicians have been finding ways to connect with people worldwide. We decided to connect with music that brings nostalgia, such as video game soundtracks.

On the website, you will find the complete score with different instruments. Check out the videos to have a better idea of how everything sounds.

Let me know if you are offering video game guitar tabs or know someone. I hope this page helps you to find the tabs you were looking for. Please, don’t forget to support the artist as well compositors.

Super Mario Series for Guitar: Guitar TAB
The Legend of Zelda Series for Guitar: Guitar Tab
Video Game Music for Guitar: A Songbook for Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab

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