How to Hold a Guitar Hero Guitar?

Guitar Hero is a household favorite when it comes to video games. Not only do you get to rock out your favorite songs, but the guitar-shaped controller also makes you feel like a rock star while doing so. However, if you’re new to Guitar Hero, playing on the controller may be a bit confusing, so we’re here to tell you how to hold your Guitar Hero guitar.

You should hold the guitar hero guitar against your body and strum with your right hand if you’re right-handed. Place your left hand on the neck of the guitar and use your fingers to play the different frets. If you’re left-handed, you’ll need to strum with your left hand and use your right hand on the fretboard.

Hand placement and finger position are both really important when it comes to playing the guitar. Read on as we break down the different positions that can help you play better.

How You Should Hold Your Guitar Hero Controller

Hopefully, you’re already familiar with the different frets on your guitar hero controller. A fret is a colored button on the guitar. The first fret is the green button, and the second is the red button, and so on.


Hand position is extremely important when it comes to playing guitar hero. If you want to hit all the notes, it’s important that your hand is placed correctly on the buttons and can move back and forth easily. 

Let’s cover some of the important hand positions!

First Position

The first position is the natural resting position for your hand, with your first finger (the pointer finger) on the first fret. In this position, your index finger or pointer finger should be on the green button, place your second finger or middle finger on the red button, your third or ring finger presses the yellow button, and your pinky hits the blue button. 

Playing the first three frets is fairly easy, whereas playing the fourth fret (pinky position) is slightly tougher and playing the fifth fret by stretching the pinky finger is extremely difficult. 

Second Position

The second position is when your first finger is on the second fret, and your pinky is on the fifth fret. In this case, there is no finger on the first fret i.e., the green button. 

Playing frets 2 through 4 is simple, but playing the 5th fret is a bit difficult. You have to reach your index finger forwards to reach the first fret. 

Third position

The third position is when your index finger is on the third fret, your middle finger is on the fourth fret, and your ring finger is on the fifth fret. In this position, the first two buttons are not covered. 

Playing the first fret is extremely hard in this position; however, you can play and get used to the second fret with some difficulty.

Shifting Positions While Playing

You only need to use the first three frets when playing on easy mode. Medium play requires using the first four frets, and difficult mode will mean you have to use all 5 frets. You may have to shift your hand to multiple positions when playing on higher levels, as staying in one position is impossible for all songs. 

Certain songs will have patterns that require you to play in a specific position. For example, a pattern such as 5-4-3-2 can only be played in the second position, but a 1-2-3-4 pattern needs to be played in the first position. If there are various song patterns, you will have to change your position quickly to hit all the notes.

The hand position with which you play will depend on the song you’re playing. If a song mostly uses the first four frets, you may find keeping your hand in the first position easier. 

Similarly, if a song mostly uses the last four frets, the second position may be the most suitable. You can use the third position if the notes are concentrated between the previous three frets.

5 Extra Tips for Guitar Hero

Hand positioning is one of the most important aspects of playing Guitar Hero. However, gaining skill in the game requires more expertise and tricks, so read on as we tell you our top tips for mastering the game.

1. Learn Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

You can find hammer-ons and pull-offs in the ‘advanced’ tutorial. To play these notes, you must hit the strum bar at the right time to get multiple notes in one go. 

It may seem simple, but it’s definitely not for a beginner. However, once you get the hang of them, you’ll become a pro at Guitar Hero in no time.

2. Learn to Double Strum!

Some notes are hard to hit while strumming in one direction. Learning to double strum can help you hit all the “impossible” looking notes and can even be less tiring than strumming regularly.

3. Use Star Power Wisely

Knowing when to use your Star Power can improve your game drastically. If you’re playing a difficult song, we suggest waiting till your ROCK meter is low to use it. This can help you save your life. 

While playing easy songs, you can time your Star Power to boost your multiplier and get more points.

4. Learn Tapping

Tapping is when you use both hands on the fret buttons. However, we only recommend this for expert players who want to get a perfect score on difficult songs.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Playing Guitar Hero regularly will help you improve your game. Try playing at one level above your skill to challenge yourself and improve at the game.


Q: Do Guitar Hero Live Guitars Work on All Consoles?

The Guitar Hero Live guitar is universal and can connect to any console. However, the USB receiver for each console is different. You need to buy a receiver that is specifically made for your console. 

Q: Can Guitar Hero Teach Me How to Play Guitar in Real Life?

Playing Guitar Hero won’t make you an expert guitarist but it can teach you a few basic tricks that will boost the learning process. Picking up on the different rhythms in the game can help you learn guitar faster. Moreover, moving your fingers on the different frets can be good preparation for playing chords.

Final Thoughts

Your hand positioning is really important when it comes to playing guitar hero. Although different songs require you to be in different positions, it’s important that you know how to switch positions with ease. Once you’re comfortable holding the guitar hero guitar, your rockstar career is a few strums away!


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