Great Fairy Fountain Guitar Tab (Guitar Tabs)

This Zelda theme is one of the most iconic from most video game soundtracks. Also, it is one of the most used throughout the whole Zelda franchise. How can I play the Great Fairy Fountain tab on guitar?

Stretching exercises for the left hand every day. Also, you need to practice AMIP arpeggios daily. They are not that difficult to do, but it is essential to have a good base. Learning the music note should be a measure by measure process. Be consistent, and you are going to be able to play it.

Lastly, the phrasing. What is the term “phrasing”? A simple way to explain it would be to slow down and come back to tempo while playing the song. Sometimes, we need to move the music to make it sound that it is going somewhere. You don’t want to sound like a machine. Imagine a mountain. You begin a little bit slow; then you speed, then you slow down. But you need to be careful with that. You don’t want to overdo it. Listening to some classical music would help. Also, using dynamics can help with the mountain metaphor.

Some important music history About The Great Fairies (Nintendo Series)

The first appearance of the Zelda Great Fairy Fountain (Nintendo Series) was in A Link to the Past in 1991 by Japanese composer Koji Kondo. After the first realize, it became a staple not just for Zelda but for Nintendo. It has appeared in most of all their games from the franchise. Its first appearance was in the “File Select” from the first game, but it was used on different occasions through the game when the main character meets the “Fairies.”  Having the song before beginning to play the game was the most vivid memory of the game, especially after watching my brother play Ocarina Of Time. It was a quick warm up to the great adventure we were going to face!

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Game Tab Musical Analysis of the Great Fairy Fountain

The main analysis of this Zelda theme is the following: Introduction and a Part A repeated several times. My arrangements analysis will be Introduction / Part A/ Part A and outro (coda). Looking at the information on the internet, I found where the music could be inspired from. Zelda Wiki mentions the following:

The theme is inspired by the map theme for World 3, Water Land, from Super Mario Bros 3

Acoustic Guitar Tuning

It is a little bit unconventional, but I think it is perfect for making it sounds as guitaristic as possible. Guitaristic refer to sounding comfortable for the guitar. Many times, covers don’t sound that is made for the instruments. Sometimes, changes in tunning can make the music sound fitting for the guitar. Here is what I found I worked well:

(1E) (2B) (3G) (4D) (5A#) (6E)


The video tutorial has the tab included. The version of this theme is from Zelda Ocarina of Time. Follow the video and try to learn it little by little. Take a session, practice it, and add a bit extra when you feel comfortable with it. Then practice what you have with the new chords. Little by little you will become a pro and you are not even going to noticed you learned. And then you continue until the end. Also,  DO IT SLOW WHEN STARTING TO LEARN IT! Many people forget this. Again, little by little. You can check other tabs on Ultimate Guitar and the tab songsterr from other video games.

This Great Fairy Fountain tabs is possible to this arrangement which it has been my most successful video. Zelda’s music has a sweet spot on my heart. The first time I recorded this video, it took me so much time to do it. But in the end, it was all worth it. It is the song that allowed me to express the way I wanted to the world. And it came out that way. I’m happy it did. After the video, many people asked me to do a tutorial, and I wasn’t planning to do it, but I guess the rest is history.

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I hope this helps!

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