Is Guitar Hero Hard To Learn? | An In-Depth Look

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Guitar Hero can be a lot of fun to play. You can enjoy playing it any time you want. It is cheaper and easily accessible. However, there are people who might hate guitar hero and think of it as a child’s game. In spite of that people wonder if guitar hero is harder to play compared to other guitars.

The difficulty of learning guitar hero can vary person to person. There are a group of people who will play guitar hero, achieve a good score and keep playing for hours. Sometimes the upper levels can seem harder but most people can easily get into this. 

In this article, you will know about the difficulty level of Guitar Hero. You will also get to know the way of expertizing Guitar Hero. I will also share various tips to master the process of playing Guitar Hero. 

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What Is Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero is mainly a game where you can play musical rhythm to a video. Back in 2005, Guitar Hero was developed by Harmonix. It was RedOctane who published it for PlayStation 2. 

In this music rhythm game, you can use a guitar shaped game controller through which you can play your music. You can play and to go upgraded versions. You will have to remember the combinations and play accordingly. 

However, you need to know that guitar hero is set up for a single player experience. You will be able to play most of the popular songs using the guitar hero. As you finish each level, it will get harder. 

Many guitarists find the guitar hero annoying. As they think it is not an actual guitar but just a game. They often pass comments like, ‘get an actual guitar’ or ‘you need to play an actual guitar, and many more. 

How Hard It Is To Play Guitar Hero?

The difficulty level of the guitar hero can get intense as you move to higher levels. The lower levels are easier to complete. However, you might find it difficult to complete the upper levels.

You will need to have dexterity, a sense of rhythm, memorize coordination, and need to have the patience to complete. If you have got any of these missing, you might get frustrated as you will not be able to complete the levels. 

Some people find the coordination of the Guitar Hero to be very complicated ones. Mastering the controller of the guitar hero can be more challenging for some people. Through guitar hero, you can learn a lot of fundamental things about a real guitar. 

Even studies have proved that the young people who play the music on guitar hero catch up with the difficult real guitar coordination. You can learn various notes and play them in your convenient way. 

The rapid movement of the fingers can be overwhelming but this will help you to stretch your fingers as much as you can which will help you to play a real guitar cord. 

In case you get lost and fail to play the music on Guitar Hero, you can always use the official Guitar Hero Book of tablature. 

The difficulty level of Guitar Hero can vary from person to person. All you need to do is keep on practicing and let the time to make the master of Guitar Hero. 

How To Play Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero can be played on PC, Nintendo, Play Stations, or Xbox 360. All you need to keep is a good sense of music and dedication. You need to have patience and learn the techniques.

Let me provide you with a step by step process to lean Guitar Hero;

Step 1 – Get Familiarized With The Guitar

First, you need to know and get familiarized with the guitar. Get to know all the buttons and switches. You will get a whammy bar, a strum bar, and a two directional switch

The two directional switches which will be placed in the center of the guitar can be pushed or pulled up & down in order to play the music you want. You can play your favorite notes by using the five fret buttons on the guitar which is placed on its neck. 

There is nothing to get confused about, you can easily identify the buttons, as they will be in various colors. The whammy bar will look like a stick that you can move to get a different sound. 

Step 2 – Hold The Guitar Perfectly

Once you know your guitar and examined all the switches and buttons, you can now move to the second step and hold the guitar. You need to hold the guitar’s neck and place three or four fingers over the fret buttons. 

The other hand should be placed on the strum bar. Now sit on a chair and place the guitar on your lap. Or you can choose to play the guitar standing. All you need to do is get comfortable with the guitar. Make sure to find the perfect posture that will suit you.

Step 3 – Initiate The Game

Turn on the TV, sound system, and your console. You might need to put the game disk into the disk tray. Once you start playing you need to come up with your own brand name. But yes, do not forget to be creative with it. 

Once you have initiated the game choose any option from career, Multi-player, Quick Play, or training. Choose your options accordingly. 

If you are new to the game, I recommend you to choose either Career or Quick Play. 

Step 4 – Select The Song

To beginners, I recommend you choose the most familiar song that is well-known to you. An easy and familiar song will help you to get used to the buttons and switches. 

And then, when you get used to the buttons, you can try hard notes and songs to play. 

Step 5 – Choose The Correct Settings

For beginners, it is good to start with the easy mode. As you become an expert, you can choose from Medium to Hard modes. 

If you find the setting difficult, try using easy mode for a few days and then shift to an upgraded mode. 

Step 6 – Gather Patience To Advance The Technique

Yes, many claim guitar heroes, can be easy to play. But you need to remember, you might need some time to expertise the techniques. Use an easy song to practice and get used to the buttons and switches. 

Let the practice make you an expert with time. Try to play a different song so that you can stretch your fingers as you play. 

Related Questions

Is Guitar Hero A Good Way To Learn Guitar?

Guitar hero can be a good way to learn guitar. Even studies have proven that Guitar Hero will make you comfortable with the real guitar. You can learn to stretch your fingers while using the buttons and switches in guitar hero. 

However, you might find the guitar hero to be overwhelming as there are a few buttons and switches. You might find it to be easier on a real guitar. 

What’s The Point Of Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero can be fun for people of every age. You can use the guitar hero to kill your leisure time and have some musical moments of your own. 

Guitar Hero can be easier to play compared to the real ones. Moreover, it can be cheaper and easily learned. You will not require to do lengthy sessions to master the methods. 

How Do You Get Good At Guitar Hero?

In order to get good at guitar hero, you need to follow some tips which include; 

1. Get familiar with the guitar and its buttons before starting to play. 

2. Start playing the easy songs first and get habituated to the buttons and switches. 

3. Try to pick 3 to 4 easy songs to play. Do not just play one single easy on in the beginning.

4. Take your time to master the steps, and have patience.  

Final Thoughts

Guitar Hero can be a good source of entertainment. You can either love it completely or hate it. But you cannot deny that Guitar Hero can be fun. 

Many people find guitar hero to be a difficult one to learn and claim the coordination can be difficult to follow. However, if you choose the right path while learning it can be very easy to expertise.

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