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Guitar Tricks is a popular place to learn guitars. However, when you start, you may notice that the lessons focus on basic things, such as how to strum or recognize guitar parts. Is Guitar Tricks only for beginners? 

Guitar Tricks is not just for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced-level players. This is because it contains lessons on skills that intermediate and advanced players find helpful. These include genre-based lessons, detailed song tutorials, and technique refinement lessons.


In this article, we explore if Guitar Tricks is only for beginners or if it can also benefit intermediate or expert players. We also explore if there are other platforms more experienced players can go to improve their guitar skills.

What Is Guitar Tricks?

Guitar Tricks is an online guitar learning site. It provides guitar lessons for complete newbies to advanced players. The course started in 1998 and has over 11,000+ videos today, covering theory and skill-based lessons. The subscription price starts at $19.95 monthly.

Guitar Tricks is an online learning platform that teaches you how to play guitar. It started as a website in 1998 but has since developed into a full-suite online course site. 

The site contains over 11,000 guitar lessons designed to help your guitar-playing journey. The lessons cover in-depth lessons on playing styles and music theory taught by seasoned professional guitarists. 

These lessons also cater to players of all skill levels, and you can engage with the content at your own pace. Guitar Tricks also covers a wide spectrum of guitar-playing skills across various genres.

The videos are thoughtfully organized in a step-by-step format, ensuring a seamless and logical progression. You can follow the videos and be confident that you are learning guitar correctly.

Guitar Tricks has so far taught over 4 million students. Despite such success, it remains remarkably affordable. You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 for full access. You can save even more if you opt for quarterly or annual payment plans.

Guitar Tricks

Is Guitar Tricks Only For Beginners?

Guitar Tricks is not only for beginners but for intermediate and advanced players. This is because the tutorials inside cover various skills for players of all levels. Experienced players may find tutorials on music genres and play-along very helpful.

Many people tend to believe that only beginning guitarists need to learn from a platform or a teacher. Once they reach a certain level, they no longer need to learn from anyone since they are good already. 

This is hardly correct. If world champions such as Tiger Woods or Lebron James still have a coach, so can guitarists at any level. The key is to find the right coach. Will Guitar Tricks be good enough for intermediate and advanced-level players?

In many situations, Guitar Tricks remain a good option. There are many reasons intermediate and advanced players can still find Guitar Tricks useful:

Progressive Curriculum

One of the things that made Guitar Tricks very popular is its progressive curriculum. The lessons are delivered to you one by one, from the absolute beginner all the way to the advanced. 

If you are new, you start now. However, Guitar Tricks are flexible enough to allow you to start from any point of their lessons to match your skill level. For example, if you already have some guitar-playing experience, you can start your tutorials at lesson 100. 

From there, you can continue your guitar learning journey, taking lessons and tutorials that can challenge and improve your skills.

This means it does not matter where your guitar-playing skill is. You can likely start somewhere and continue to benefit from Guitar Tricks.

Technique Refinement

If you are an intermediate player, you should already be capable of playing songs independently. You may not be able to shred it like Slash or Carlos Santana, but you should also be able to play simpler fingerpicking pieces. 

Advanced players may already be able to shred songs like their idols do. However, there may still be space for improvement, such as developing theoretical knowledge to develop guitar solos in real-time. 

In short, intermediate and advanced players seek technique refinement. 

The good news is that Guitar Tricks contain content that helps intermediate and advanced players refine their technique. 

Many lessons focus on higher-level skills. These include playing advanced scales, intricate fingerpicking patterns, and more. There are also lessons on developing speed, keeping in beat, and complex chord voicings. 

These lessons should provide targeted tutorials and exercises to help players improve their technical skills, regardless of ability.

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Genre-Based Lessons

Many intermediate players may be able to play popular music genres, such as pop, rock, and metal. Some may be able to play more genres, but the ability may be limited. 

For example, intermediate players may only be able to play a limited number of licks in country music. This makes their playing predictable and, in some situations, boring.

Advanced players may be able to play certain genres well but may be complete novices in others. You may be an advanced player in dishing out punishing metal riffs, but that does not mean you can produce cool solos for blues. 

This means intermediate and advanced players often need help and tutorials on playing music in genres they do not know much about. 

Guitar Tricks has many tutorials on all sorts of music genres. On its website, Guitar Tricks listed that they have tutorials for the following music genres:


These lessons should present a worthwhile challenge for intermediate and advanced players to improve their playing skills.

Song Tutorials And Play Alongs

One of the best things about Guitar Tricks is its detailed song tutorials and play-along. In these lessons, you sit through a proper tutorial on how to play popular songs. 

These videos usually break down the songs into multiple smaller chunks and teach them to you in detail. As a result, you can pick up these songs quickly and easily. 

When you have picked up these songs, you can also play with the tutor in the video to see if you can play the songs properly and in a good rhythm and beat too. 

This also means whether you are an intermediate or advanced player does not matter. Chances are you will find some song tutorials and play-along beneficial to your development as a guitar player. You also will have a larger repertoire of songs to perform too.

Advanced Music Theory and Concepts

One of the key aspects of being a good guitar player is a strong grasp of music theory and concepts. 

You may not need to be able to read sheet music like a violinist. Still, you will need to know enough music theory to adjust your play to a vocalist or jam in a band. 

A guitarist with a strong theory and concept background can quickly switch keys to adjust his playing to a vocalist’s vocal range. A guitarist with superb music theory knowledge can even listen to a band jamming and figure out their chord progression.

From there, the player can join in and rip a solo that jives well with the band. This is akin to how jazz musicians can jam with each other, despite having never practiced or rehearsed before.

One good thing about Guitar Tricks is that they have lessons that can help you to pick up this knowledge. You can learn about keys, chord progressions, and more concepts to make you a more complete guitar player.


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Tutorials By Professional Guitarists

One of the issues intermediate and advanced guitar players face is the lack of suitable tutors. They may be good enough at playing in many cases, but not many tutors can teach them new skills.

The issue may be more prominent with advanced players. 

This is when Guitar Tricks come in. Another reason why Guitar Tricks suits more than just beginners is the tutors. 

Guitar Tricks does not just take random people and turn them into tutors. Instead, they feature superstar tutors who are professional guitarists within their domain. 

For example, Eric Barnett. Eric is the guitarist for the band Points North and the finalist in the Guitar Magazine’s competition in 2008. The competition was judged by legends such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, showing Eric’s skills as a musician. 

If you are looking to learn how to play Metal music within Guitar Tricks, you will be learning from him. With a professional like him teaching you, you should be doing good in no time.

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Are There Other Platforms To Learn Guitar?

Aside from Guitar Tricks, intermediate and advanced players may also find Yousician, Jamplay, and Rocksmith good platforms to improve their guitar skills. These platforms may integrate gamification and interactivity into the lessons, making them more suitable for some guitar players.

Despite being a household name for so long, Guitar Tricks is hardly the only good guitar-learning online platform. You can look at other platforms to improve your guitar-playing skills, regardless of your levels. They include:


Yousician is an online musical instrument learning platform based on an online subscription service. You can use it to learn both guitar and piano, keyboard, bass, ukulele, and more. 

Yousician is different from Guitar Tricks because it has a more interactive feature. You get immediate feedback from your playing, which may be something some guitarists prefer when learning.


Rocksmith is actually a series of electronic music games published by Ubisoft. Rocksmith focuses on teaching you how to play guitar in a gamified way. You may be reminded of Guitar Hero or Rock Band when you use Rocksmith.

However, the difference between Rocksmith and these games is that it focuses more on playing the real guitar. As a start, you use a real guitar to play the game instead of a simplified controller. There is also more focus on techniques and playing accurately.


In style, approach, and format, Jamplay may be the closest to Guitar Tricks. Similar to Guitar Tricks, Jamplay also covers various skills and genres. This means it is also suitable for players from all levels. 

Jamplay also has features such as interactive tablatures and backing tracks to help you develop better as a player. You play along and make sure what you play matches with the tabs and backing tracks.

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