Legend Of Legaia – Night Requiem Guitar Tab

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This is the Legend Of Legaia Guitar Tab. Night Requiem Guitar Cover.

Composed by Michiru Oshima. 

The guitar tuning is 1(E) 2(B) 3(G) 4(D) 5(A) 6(E).

Night Requiem is an unforgettable masterpiece from the role-playing video game Legend of Legaia. While today’s gamers might consider the Legend of Legaia a vintage game with hardly any decent graphics, we who played it at its inception know how much respect this game deserves.

One particular aspect that makes this game interesting is the choice of music that the developers ascribed to the game. Night Requiem is just the tip of the iceberg to a soundtrack full of amazing melodies. Some notable songs in the Legend of Legaia soundtrack include a Town Enveloped by Mist, Mt. Rikuroa, and Perilous Mountain. 

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You will also notice that almost all songs in the game have a weepy or poignant feel, despite this being an action-adventure game. The original song was written by Michiru Oshima, alongside other tracks like Light of the Town and the main theme song (Theme of Legaia). Together with the extra tracks, the entire soundtrack has about seventy songs.

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Although the Legend of Legaia is not the game of choice for modern-day gamers, many old-timers like myself still consider it a chef-d’oeuvre. To date, the game is still one of the enduring games for Playstation 1. Subsequently, Legaia 2: Duel Saga took over the first release of the game but again failed to gain that much hype.

Many people ask, will Legaia 3 ever happen? Well, that is a question that only the publishers (Square Enix Europe and Sony Interactive Entertainment) can answer. However, chances of there being a 2D follow-up to Legaia2 are slim, the reason being that 2D games, as well as turn-based strategy (TBS) games, have since been phased out over time.


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