Review Aston Origin Microphone – Is It Worth It?

Whether you’re recording songs or podcasts, you need to perfect the quality of your music. Doing so will help ensure that your audience can enjoy your project to the fullest. Why did I decide to buy this microphone for my youtube project?

The audio of the Aston Microphones is clear and crisp, making it perfect for acoustic instruments. Many professional musicians rely on this microphone when recording vocals. While more expensive than some alternatives, this microphone offers immense benefits that can’t be found elsewhere.

It features a unique appearance and a reliable condenser. This microphone’s specifications and features will be explored in greater depth below. Below are some things that I found were the most that struck me. Also, I want to let you know that the images and links below take you directly to Amazon. These links are Amazon affiliates, and I would get a small commission if you decide to purchase. This would help my youtube channel tremendously.

Great at filtering the sound

Any background sounds can ruin your performance. Your audience won’t be able to focus on your story or song because they’ll be distracted by the dings and pings in the background. It is wise to use a pop filter to weed out these annoying sounds. The good news is that the Aston Origin Microphone is great for this purpose. It features a wave-form mesh head as well as a built-in pop filter. This combination helps reduce distortion. If the head experiences a hard hit, the shock-resistant grille will spring back into place quickly with no damage.

It also provides off-axis rejections to diminish unwanted background sounds. The built-in pop filter is designed to eliminate plosives when singing or speaking. Suffice to say, the Aston Origin Microphone provides excellent audio quality without needing to purchase additional accessories.

The Microphone Looks Great

In some cases, you’ll want to showcase your skills on camera. This is a good idea since your audience will be able to see and hear you. They’ll receive a visual and audio experience. Just remember that you’ll need to make sure that everything looks great. The Aston Microphone features a unique end cap and chassis design. It’ll look great attached to your microphone stand. It’ll look even between when you grab the microphone and sing directly into it.

What are the microphone Weight & Dimensions?

Your microphone needs to be the perfect size and weight. Otherwise, you won’t be able to control it when jamming out to your hardest rock songs. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure that your mic will conveniently sit on your desk. If it is too big, this isn’t going to happen. The Origin Microphone measures 4.9” by 2.1”. It is more compact than many of the alternatives. And, it weighs just 0.99 pounds. You won’t have any problem placing or moving this microphone. Thanks to its compact size, it’ll easily work for smaller studios.

Versatility and Potential Cons

Ultimately, many microphones are good for one purpose but not many. The Aston Origin Microphone is a good for many purposes, but not all. Nevertheless, it is more versatile than many of its competitors. Unfortunately, The Origin doesn’t work very well for coarse vocals. If you have a coarse voice, you may want to buy a different microphone. However, it works great for female vocals. The mic provides presence and warmth that cannot be found elsewhere. If your voice is good match for this microphone, you’ll love recording with it.

You’ll also appreciate that this microphone works exceptionally well for recording acoustic guitars. It will be able to capture the full spectrum of the instrument including the warm fulls, mids, and highs. Although it captures lows well, they’re not as strongly emphasized as the highs and mids. Nevertheless, this microphone performs well when recording acoustic guitars.

While the Aston Origin is a great microphone, it has a few minor cons. For starters, you’ll find that this microphone does not come with a shock mount. That is disappointing considering you’re paying a lot of money for it. A lot of cheaper microphones come with shock mounts so this one should too. Furthermore, you won’t receive a hard case. While not deal breakers, it is disappointing that these accessories were left out.

Is It Worth It to own an Aston Origin Microphone?

Despite a few minor cons, the Aston Origin Microphone is still a great investment. It offers plenty of benefits and works great for vocals and acoustic guitars. It doesn’t work well for coarse vocals but many microphones fail in this area. So, is the Aston Origin Microphone worth the cost? For most musicians, the answer is yes. The microphone is lightweight, compact, reliable, and capable of producing high-quality representations of your vocals.

As a YouTuber, it was definitely a great jump from using the microphone on my camera. After searching like crazy for It was definitely a significant jump from using the microphone on my camera as a YouTuber. After searching like crazy for microphones, I decided to make the jump, and man, it was a great decision. Also, first I started using a single mic but later decided to own the pair. I love the stereo sound you can get from both microphones. Below you can find a video with a stereo setup with a pair of Aston microphones. You can check my Super Mario 2 Guitar cover for a single Aston example.

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