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The Iconic Super Mario Bros Main Theme: Why It Sticks in Our Heads

No matter who you are, chances are you’ve heard the Super Mario Bros Main Theme. Arguably one of the most recognizable video game tracks in history, it’s hard not to hum along when you hear those famous notes. But what is it about this tune that has made it so iconic and enduring? In this article, we’ll explore the history of the Super Mario Bros Main Theme and why it has become such a beloved piece of video game music.

The Super Mario Bros Main Theme was composed in 1985 by Koji Kondo for the original Super Mario Bros game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Kondo was tasked with creating music to accompany the game’s levels, and he drew inspiration from a variety of sources – including the theme song to Popeye the Sailor Man. He eventually came up with a tune that was catchy and memorable, but also fit the game’s world perfectly. 

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One of the reasons the Super Mario Bros Main Theme has become so beloved is its simplicity. The melody is made up of only a few notes played in a repetitive pattern, which makes it easy to remember and hum along to. Additionally, the song’s upbeat tempo and major key give it a cheerful and optimistic feel – much like the game itself.

Another reason this tune has stood the test of time is its adaptability. Over the years it has been remixed and rearranged in countless ways, and each time it manages to sound fresh and new. From orchestral covers to chiptune remixes, the Super Mario Bros Main Theme has proven to be a versatile piece of music that can be played in various styles and still sound great.

Of course, the Super Mario Bros Main Theme’s legacy isn’t just about the music itself – it’s also about the memories it brings back for gamers across the world. For many of us, the main theme is inseparable from our memories of playing the game as a child, and hearing it again can evoke strong feelings of nostalgia. It’s a testament to the impact of video games as a medium that a simple piece of music can evoke such powerful emotions.


The Super Mario Bros Main Theme is a piece of video game music that has captured the hearts of gamers all over the world. Its simplicity, adaptability, and nostalgic appeal have helped to make it one of the most recognizable and enduring video game tracks in history. We may never tire of hearing those familiar notes, and that’s okay – after all, it’s hard to resist the joy and excitement that comes with exploring the Mushroom Kingdom and defeating King Koopa.

Composed by Koji Kondo.

The guitar tuning is 6(E) 5(A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(B) 1(E).


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