Top 10 Plugins for Mixing Acoustic Guitars and Sound Professional

During recording, many people think that an artist enters the studio, and the producer puts together a few instrumentals to record the music and voila! The album is done. However, it takes so much to make a great album. One critical part which is often overlooked is the mixing process. Any record you listen to had a mixing engineer behind it who spent many hours in the studio trying to make the record tracks sound as good as possible. These engineers rely on various plugins as mixing tools alongside other equipment to make a great tone for the guitar tracks.

If you are looking for plugins for mixing acoustic guitars, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to discover what we recommend!

1. Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Guitar Rig 6 screenshot copy HERO@2560x1625

This plugin is an all-in-one amp sim that gives you many cabinets, amps and effects. For instance, if you have recorded a guitar DI and want to dramatically transform that sound for any style, native instruments guitar Rig 6 Pro will help you do that. Additionally, you can shape your guitar circuits or select from more than 1000 presets with this software. The intelligent circuit modeling in this plugin – a machine learning process operating in this plug in- allows this plugin to produce the analog component of the guitar accurately. The 20 plus amplifier emulations from this plugin come with a matching cabinet. This plugin allows you to experiment with different microphones. Finally, this plugin has 68 effects for OverDrive, reverb, delay, filters, choruses and much more.

2. Waves SSL RV2 channel 

ssl e channel v2

This plugin will give you the sound of a legendary console. Unlike the original plugins, these will give you two types of low-frequency control and a preamp section. There is a line and mic control in the preamp section, which you can use to drive your signals and get more harmonics. In addition to this, there is an analog button that adds more harmonic distortions. The dynamic section has the compressor feature with slow and fast attack switches, release, thresholds and ratios. The equalizers on this plugin are divided into different frequency areas with multi-colored knobs. Therefore, you can cut or boost high, low-mid, high-mid, and low frequencies. Interestingly this plugin has a width control responsible for the width of the stereo picture.

3. Arturia Dist OPAMP-21


If you have been looking for a quality plugin to add distortion to your guitar, Arturia Dist OPAMP-21 is the best choice. If you know the legendary SansAmp pedal, this is the advanced plugin. Although this equipment has many digital emulations, only Arturia Dist OPAMP-21 will give you more features. The settings are like the original pedal, especially the knobs and the character switches. The knobs are five in number, just like on the hardware pedal: output, drive, presents, high and Dry/wet. The drive knob helps you to adjust the amount of distortion, while the Dry/wet will help to balance the unprocessed and processed signals. With this software, you will also switch between four preamp mods and influence the tone. The plugin also has options for Normal, Modern, Lead and Bass, with the normal being similar to the sound of the original pedal. When you want to influence tone further, the character switches at the bottom will be helpful.

4. Softube Tape

Tape Hires GUI1 pluginboutique

This plugin is the best solution to add tape saturation to the guitar tracks. You can employ this technique on the whole mix bus and individual tracks. For example, it gives the best coloration to your guitars. The plugin also has an Amount knob responsible for the amount of tape saturation and audio coloring.

5. Soundstoys Crystallizer


This plugin will give you an extra dose of inspiration because it carries your sound beyond the unusual. The software takes pieces of your audio and repeats them, depending on how much you feed in. As a result, you will get a unique sound. The plugin has a splice knob for splitting the signal into different pieces. You can adjust the parameters based on the notes and bars. Another interesting feature of this plugin is letting the signal go in reverse to change the pitch into an amazing sound. Finally, there is the tweaking button which you can utilize if you don’t have enough features that the plugin provides.

6. Waves CLA-76

cla 76 compressor limiter v2

This plugin gives your lead guitar and rhythm parts an analog flavor. The plugin has 1176 compressors which are the most popular in music production because they have analog coloring and fast attacks.

7. Arturia DIMENSION-D

ChorusDim large

This plugin gives an excellent chorus sound, which is perfect for guitars. It creates the effect of different voices sounding simultaneous. You can change the oscillator shape from a triangle using the expert mode.

8. Overloud TH-U

THU large

The Overloud TH-U plugin is an asset for completing a guitar chain. This plugin is an amp sim that will give you all you need to build your guitar tone. Apart from having different guitar amp models, you can customize them by changing these components.

9. Audified Tones Pot Electric pro

TSElecPro large

This plugin is your perfect choice to shape your guitar tone. It comes with eight modules with all the settings you require. These modules include compression, EQ, effects, saturation and many others. The character section allows you to influence tone coloration with natural, vintage and modern variants.

10. Eventide Spring

Spring Screenshot scaled 1

This spring reverb gives you a ringing sound and plenty of other settings. The plugin gives you settings that allow you to adjust string tension, several strings- you select the number of strings that will influence the tone- and metal resonance. Additionally, there is the tremolo that equally sounds cool together with the reverb.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few great plugins for mixing acoustic guitars. Each one offers something unique to help you get the sound you want. Do you have a favorite plugin for mixing acoustic guitars? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check out our free guitar tabs today!

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