Undertale – Spider Dance Guitar Tab

This is the Undertale GUITAR TAB. Spider Dance Guitar Cover.

Composed by Toby Fox.

The guitar tuning is; 6 (E) 5 (A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(B) 1(E).

Spider Dance is one of the well-liked tracks in the role-playing 2015 video game dubbed Undertale. Tracing its origin from the game’s conception, the track has become very popular among the gaming community to an extent that YouTubers have even covered it using various instruments. Almost every Undertale player can recognize the tune once it starts playing.

The song plays particularly in the Muffet’s battle sprite scene where the protagonist is fighting against Muffet. This groovy track can be played using a wide variety of instruments although playing it on a guitar gives it that unique vibe. Just to let you know, I used a high-quality camera for the recording to have a great video and it really makes the difference. Here is the amazon link for the camera. I’m getting a small commission if you decided to buy from the link.

The Spider Dance tune was originally composed by Toby Fox, the game’s lead developer. When listening to its electronic version for the first time, you might get that twitchy feeling synonymous with most gaming soundtracks. However, after listening to its covered versions (using different instruments), you can tell that it sounds better on guitar than on any other kind of instrument.

Playing the Spider dance on the piano could be an uphill climb as the tune needs around four hands to play it exactly as it’s featured in the original song. This is only possible by playing it in a well-coordinated piano duet. When doing my guitar solo version of the song, the challenge was to coordinate the keys properly not to miss a single note in the tune.

Other notable melodies in Undertale include, “Once Upon a Time”, “Enemy Approaching” and “The Dogsong.”  In my opinion, of all the tracks in the soundtrack, none is more interesting on guitar than the “Spider Dance” and “Wrong Enemy.” You could also try playing “Oh! One True Love” if you are still learning how to play guitar, it’s the easiest of them all.

The Undertale spider dance piano sheet music is readily available online but of course (as mentioned earlier) it would only be doable in a piano duet. In conclusion, this song fits its application in the game and is simply a work of genius.

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