What Gauge Strings Do Fender Stratocasters Come With?

Fender is one of the ancient ones when it comes to finding the oldest electric guitar. It started back when finding the parts and components for guitars were not available. Leo started mass producing the components, and he made the components all by himself. Even the strings are made all by Fender. So, What gauge strings do Fender Stratocasters come up with?

Fender Stratocaster came up with six different strings, which include DR String Pure Blues, Elixir Nanoweb, Fender Super 250’s, Ernie Ball Super Slinky, Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalt, and GHS GBXL. Fender Stratocaster mostly uses steel strings in 9 gauge. 

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In this article, you will learn about Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Fender’s ability to make various components for guitars. You will also learn about Fender Stratocasters. 

You will get to discover various unknown facts about these things. So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

What Is Fender Musical Instruments Corporation?

Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, which was formerly known as Fender Electric Musical Instruments Corporation, is one of the oldest manufacturers of guitars, amplifiers, basses, and other related components. 

It dates back to 1946 when Leo Fender transformed music worldwide and touched every genre of music. It all started in a small Fullerton, California, Workshop. He started as a radio repairman, and while fixing his friend’s amps, he became interested in amps and guitars

Joining musician and inventor Doc Kaufmann, they formed a company named K&F Manufacturing Corp. They were running the business for quite a good time and then parted ways. 

However, Fender did not stop there. In 1946, he came up with his own company and started to build Woodie amps alongside the regular ones. Although there were up and downs, Leo did not stop there. 

It was around 1951 when Leo Fender introduced his first guitar known as Telecaster (formally known as Broadcaster). The first solid body electric guitar changed the way of making music. Unlike any other guitar, it had a clean, bright, and cutting sound. 

Then, later on, that year, he produced the first bass amp, Precision Bass©. His creation of electric guitars, bass guitars, and amplifiers made it possible for small musicians to get together and explore the musical world. 

Even in this 21st century, Fender has held its roots and produced legendary guitars, and has spread its wings all over the world. It has offices in Arizona, England, France, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, and many more. 

They are using the latest technology to make people’s life easier. Fender Play© enables guitarists to learn guitar, ukulele, and bass. The step by step process of teaching has made people’s life much easier. 

History Of The Stratocaster

In 1954, after the huge success of Telecaster, Leo Fender introduced Stratocaster to the world. It had a contoured body and was designed with a double cutaway which enabled much comfort and playability. It also enabled the users to bend strings more conveniently. 

Still, people remember the Stratocaster as the most influential and popular electric guitar across the world, which can be used to play all genres. 

It is often said that an American made Stratocaster is the most iconic guitar you will ever find. These guitars ensure maximum flexibility as they have Fender’s USA 250L Steel String in .009 to .042 gauge, which has Nickel Plate. Sometimes they have strings in .010 to .046 gauge. 

Should You Use a Fender Guitar String?

Fender guitar strings have always been recognized as one of the best in the market. You will never go wrong with them. The Fender strings have a nice and smooth tone. The strings either come with .009 to .042 or .010 to .046 gauge. 

They are easy to blend and mix up while playing. You can be as flexible as you want and play as easily as you desire. So, you should definitely use a fender guitar string if you want a smooth and nice tone.

Related Questions

What Gauge Strings Are Best For A Fender Stratocaster?

For Fender Stratocaster, it is recommended to use Fender’s USA Nickel Plates Steel Strings. The gauge can be either .009 to.043 or .010 to .046 gauge. They will ensure a nice and bright tone. 

What Strings Does A Fender Stratocaster Use?

Fender Stratocaster mainly uses six types of strings which include;

  1. DR String Pure Blues, 
  2. Elixir Nanoweb, 
  3. Fender Super 250’s, 
  4. Ernie Ball Super Slinky, 
  5. Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalt, and 

The Steel Strings in Fender Stratocaster are Nickel Plated which are easy to blend and flexible to play. 

What Gauge Did Eric Clapton Use?

Eric Clapton CBE is one of the most successful English guitarists and songwriters. He is into rock music.

Eric Clapton mainly uses light gauge guitar by Martin & Co strings which gauge are .12 to .54. These are mainly made of phosphor bronze. Such strings are mostly used in dobro. 

What Strings Come On Fender Telecaster?

The 6-string electric guitar telecaster comes with a set to string with .010 to .046 gauge strings. These strings provide the right tone and probability. It falls under medium or regular gauge. 

On the other hand, you will also find Fender Telecaster Guitar with .009 to .042 gauge, which are light strings. Being a versatile guitar, you can use either of these strings for your Fender Telecaster Guitar

Final Thoughts

Leo Fender is one of the oldest ones to introduce the availability of components of Guitars. He has got a background in radio repairing, but later on, he gained experience and started to make guitar components all by himself. 

From 1946 to the twenty-first century, Fender has come a long way and gained mass popularity. Two of his famous guitars were Telecaster (formally known as Broadcaster) and Stratocasters. 

Stratocaster is also recognized as the most influential and popular electric guitar across the world. It is flexible to play and comes, and you can play any genre you want. Mostly, strings with .009 to.043 gauge are used in Stratocaster. Going wrong with Fender strings is impossible. You can always rely on them.

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