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You may have heard of guitar center restocks when browsing forums or websites of guitar enthusiasts. The saying is that you can get very good guitars at a low price. However, what is a restock, and when does the Guitar Center restock?

Guitar center restocks do not happen on a set schedule. However, in general, they may happen once every few weeks. You can check for restocked items at Guitar Center’s website or walk into the store when it opens to ensure you do not miss out on any restocked items.

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This article discusses when Guitar center restocks and some general questions you may have about the restocked units at Guitar Center.

What Is Guitar Center Restock?

Guitar Center restock is a practice from Guitar Center. They restock and then resell products that have flaws or have been returned by customers. These restock items are often sold at a discount and, as such, are snapped up quickly when available. 

Guitar Center is the largest American music retailer chain, with over 294 locations nationwide. It competes with companies such as Sam Ash, American Musical Supply, and Sweetwater. 

One of the strategies they use to help provide more value to their customers is to offer Restock items. Restock items are essentially products that:

  • Failed to pass manufacturer’s and retailer’s quality checks, with defects cosmetic and does not affect performance. 
  • Were returned back by the customer.

Restock items may not look 100% identical to new products and may show signs of wear and tear. Some restock items may not come with full packaging or user instructions. 

However, these restock products are sold cheap and, as such, were much awaited by many buyers. When restock products become available, they are often bought up quickly. 

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Where To Check Out Guitar Center’s Restock Items?

You may check out Guitar Center’s Restock items by walking into their stores or searching their website. You may need to be diligent on this, as new restock items are snapped up quickly, and if you are slow, you may miss it. 

You may check out for restocking items by either walking into their stores or searching online at their website. However, since these items are usually sold at an attractive discount, restock purchasing can be competitive. 

Many bargain hunters may line up at stores in the morning and wait for the store to open, so they can be the first to see if there are any restock items on offer. Restocking may happen at night, meaning you see restocked items first in the morning. 

However, by waiting at stores, you may also miss out on restocked items at another retail outlet. This means you may be better off checking for restocked items online at Guitar Center’s online store. 

You may go to Guitar Center’s website and then type ‘restock’ at the top search bar. You should then see the list of restock items available to purchase. 

You may either decide to check out directly or call Guitar Center and ask for the item’s location. You may consider visiting and checking the condition before purchasing if it is nearby. 

What Are The Guarantees When Purchasing Restock Items?

Restock items in Guitar Center come with the manufacturer’s warranty and are guaranteed to function and perform similar to new units. However, some items may have shorter warranty periods. However, you can purchase insurance for your restock items, and they also come with a 30-day returns policy from Guitar Center.

Despite the status as restock items, Guitar Center, surprisingly, is very generous in its policy for these items. This is perhaps because these products only have cosmetic flaws and perform just as well as the new ones. 

Restock items in Guitar Center come with the manufacturer’s guarantee. This means if you purchase a Fender Stratocaster, you still have a warranty from Fender itself. However, some restock items may have a shorter warranty period, so you might want to check and ensure the warranty period before purchasing. 

Aside from that, restock items in Guitar Center are eligible to purchase insurance from Guitar Center. This coverage is called the Pro Coverage and protects your items after the manufacturer warranty expires. The coverage is also wider; you can claim the insurance even if you drop the items. 

Finally, restock items also come with a 30-day returns policy from Guitar Center. If you purchased a restock item and are unsatisfied with it, you may still return it to Guitar Center within 30 days. This may be a relief to many, as it allows people to take more risks when purchasing restock items – they can always return them if they are not happy with them. 

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Tips When Shopping Guitar Center Restock Items

Some tips when shopping for Guitar Center restock items are to visit the store when it opens and to check online diligently. You also want to buy first, without worrying too much about the condition, since it may be snapped up by someone else. You should also stay alert for restock news by joining forums or groups. 

Visit Stores When They Open: There is no official confirmation from Guitar Center about this, but it is commonly believed that restocking in retail shops happens at night. This means inventory updates in the morning, with new stocks and restock items placed on shelves throughout the night. 

If you visit the store when it opens, you will be the earliest to see if there are any restock items, which means you get first dibs and can purchase the item if you want to.

Check Online Diligently: You can also diligently check Guitar Center’s website for their list of restock items. This allows you to see any available items faster, simply because you check on the website frequently. 

Buy First, Return If Not Happy: If you found the item you want on restock, the idea is to not worry about its condition but to purchase it first. This may be important since if you do not, you will lose out on the item to another buyer. 

If you worry about the condition, do remember that the restock item usually comes with only cosmetic defects and performs similarly to new units. However, if you have purchased the restock unit and cannot accept the cosmetic defect, remember they have a 30-day return policy. Simply return the restock item and get your money back. 

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