Yamaha FG 160 Review: Everything About The Yamaha Guitar

Can it be Billy Joe or Bob Dylan; in the 60s, people were dreaming of owning a guitar. However, many people could only dream of it. Being one of the affordable ones, Yamaha FG 160 became one of the most popular ones at that time. But is buying a Yamaha FG 160 worth buying?

Yamaha FG 160 is a light-weighted guitar with a thin plywood top. The Yamaha FG 160 Guitar originated from Taiwan and was introduced to the world in 1972. Yamaha FG 160 Jumbo has 6 strings and is a black guitar. This affordable FG series guitar from Yamaha is also the best one for beginners.

Yamaha FG 160 Guitar is considered to be one of the easiest guitars to play, which is why many people suggest it for beginners. However, I would suggest you choose wisely and get an honest and detailed review of the Yamaha FG 160 Guitar.

And this is the right place for it because, in this article, I will be giving a transparent review of Yamaha FG 160 and mention both its pros and cons of having it. That is why I would request you to read the whole article before making any decision.

The Basic Introduction

When it comes to choosing a vintage guitar, Yamaha has never disappointed the guitarists. The Yamaha FG line guitars gained popularity in no time and were recognized easily for the label on them. 

Although Yamaha was originally a Japanese company, the FG line production moved to Taiwan in late 1971. Later, production facilities were introduced in Indonesia. 

The guitars produced in Taiwan had 8- or 7 digits codes, beginning with ‘T’. During that phase, acclaimed guitars like Yamaha FG 160 used to have black labels. 

The Yamaha FG 160 is also known as 160 Jumbo due to its size. With a white pickguard, the guitar comes with a black guitar. The beautiful and harmonic tone will surely memorize you. 

With the perfect craftsmanship and quality finishing, the guitar is very responsive to particular types of strings and is great for jazz riffs. 

Yamaha FG-TA Transacoustic Guitar w/ Chorus and Reverb, Black
  • Amazing sounding reverb and chorus built into the Guitar with no need for external amplification or effects
  • An actuator installed on the inner surface of the guitar back vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings
  • Three simple knobs let you adjust your amount of effects and the line out volume level
  • The Guitar Body is based on Yamaha FG820, with a solid Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides
  • SYSTEM70 Trans Acoustic Preamp with a SRT Piezo Pickup

The Basic Features

Let me share a table containing the basic features of the Yamaha FG 160 Guitar

Features/ Specification
Model FG 160 Jumbo
Made In Taiwan
Production Year1972 – 1974
Type6 String Jumbo
TopPly Spruce
Back/ SidePly Mahogany
FingerboardRosewood, Indian
Finish Natural Gloss
Bracing TypeX-Braced


The Yamaha FG 160 is a perfect guitar, and when I say this, do not get me wrong because this guitar can play picking, strumming, and plucking. The pickups act like faders when the knobs help to allow a more autonomous tone.

This vintage product will be easy to adapt, and you will be able to play many cords flexibly. The good balanced voice of the guitar will make you perform exceptionally.

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Size & Weight

As you are familiar with the fact that Yamaha FG 160 is also known as Jumbo because of its huge size. However, compared to the size, the guitar is light-weighted and can be carried while traveling. 

The table below will help you understand the overall size of the Yamaha FG 160 guitar

Body length: 19 5/8″
String spacing at bridge:2″
Lower bout width: 16 1/4″
Scale length: 25″
Nut width: 1 3/4″
String spacing at the nut: 1 3/8″
Side depth at endpin:4 1/2″
Neck feel: Medium; C-shape, 12″ Board Radius
Weight:4lb 8oz


Undoubtedly, the Yamaha FG 160 Guitar is reliable and durable. Many users have used the guitar for years and then passed it onto their sons or grandsons. You will also find the old Yamaha FG 160 being resale on different selling platforms. 

The Yamaha FG 160 has been proven to have a smooth and acoustic sound over many years. Having said that, I would also like to mention that people have even found the guitar to have the same authentic tone even after replacing the strings.

Related Question:

What Is The Yamaha 160 Serial Number?

The Yamaha FG 160 is originally produced in Taiwan and comes with the serial numbers 21107695. You will also find the label in the inner portion of the guitar. 

Is Yamaha FG Good?

When it comes to finding reliable, budget-friendly, and high-quality guitars, Yamaha will never disappoint you. For more than fifty years, Yamaha has been producing amazing guitars which are user-friendly. 

Guitars of different sizes and designs have gathered users from different demography. They are very much convenient to use. 

When Did The Yamaha 160 Come Out?

It was back in 1972 when Yamaha FG 160 was first to come out and introduced to the world. Even though Yamaha FG 150 and Yamaha FG 170 were manufactured in Japan, the Yamaha FG 160 was manufactured in Taiwan. It belongs to one of the first few guitars manufactured in Taiwan by Yamaha. 

Is The Yamaha F335 Worth It?

There is no doubt that the Yamaha F335 is one of the best acoustic guitar you will find with a minimum budget. It comes with a Spruce top and is Meranti. It is a budget-friendly guitar and serves with the best quality. 

Those who are still in the learning or intermediate phase can buy this guitar, and trust me, and it will not disappoint you. 

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Is Yamaha JR2 Good?

When it comes to sound quality, one of the best compact guitars is Yamaha JR2. While maintaining a classical tone, the guitar will enhance the sound. It is highly considered for kids, and the size of the guitar makes it easier to handle. 

The laminated Spruce top is attached to Mahogany sides. The back is also made of Mahogany. 

Where Are Yamaha FG Guitars Made?

Previously, the FG series guitars of Yamaha were built in Japan, from which FG 150 and FG 170 are two of them. In 1966, a factory named Tenryu was opened in Hamamatsu to produce the new FG series. Those guitars used to have green labels. 

Then again, in 1967, red labels were introduced, which were almost identical to the green ones. Yamaha FG 180 can be an example of that.

In late 1971, Yamaha introduced a new factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The newer Guitars from the FG series were made there. Those guitars have red, green, orange, and black labels. 

Final Thoughts:

I think buying a Yamaha FG 160 is actually worth it; especially for the beginners. It’s comparatively easier to play and everything about it makes it a perfect vintage product.

Also, this guitar is comparatively light-weighted and can be carried easily while traveling. Considering all the factors, I highly recommend this guitar. 

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